At this moment, the Apple brand iPad Mini is experiencing a lower price on the Amazon website and you can enjoy it immediately.

If you are already planning to equip yourself for the start of the school year or if you want to take beautiful holiday photos and easily share them with your family, this inexpensive touchscreen tablet on Amazon will be perfect. Indeed, the iPad Mini Apple sees its price drop from 559 euros to 519 euros, a reduction of 7% on Amazon.

You can save 30 euros on your purchase by going to the Amazon site quickly. Chances are, such an offer won’t last forever. If you are in a hurry to receive your order, it is possible with the priority delivery of the Amazon Prime service by checking the dedicated option. If you want to watch a video lying on your deckchair, at the beach or even consult your social networks anywhere with the comfort of a large screen, it is now possible with this affordable price.

The iPad Mini Apple sees its price melt on Amazon

Take advantage of this 5% discount on the price of the iPad Mini, which drops to just 529 euros on Amazon, a saving of 30 euros. Its 8.3-inch screen offers you a perfect colorimetric display with a wide color palette and tones close to reality with True Tone. Relax with peace of mind and use your tablet anytime thanks to its 10 hours of battery life. Put your finger on the dedicated reader to turn on your tablet and thus secure your data. It embeds the most advanced chip, the A15 Bionic for advanced performance and improved processing speed. The Neural Engine allows it to learn from past experiences and better adapt to your habits. Photos reveal your artistic potential with 12MP resolution. As for your movies, the sound is more vibrant with the two panoramic stereo speakers. Connections are stable and fluid with Wifi 6.

First significant price drop for the iPad Air M1 on Prime Day

Already present on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Apple’s M1 chip has become popular on most of the brand’s products. Offered on the iPad Pro, it is now found on the latest model of the iPad Air. This change in processor makes it more efficient and even takes an advantage over the Pro version displayed at a more expensive price. This is all the more the case now that it loses more than 110 euros from its price initially during Prime Day.


  • A successful design
  • The power of the M1 chip
  • The FaceTime camera with centered frame

Initially at 699 euros, then offered at 687 euros, the iPad Air M1 (2022) with 64 GB goes to 587 euros thanks to a discount coupon available on Amazon.

Prime Day: Magic Keyboard for iPad from €297

To type text at the kilometer, we have always done nothing better than a “real” keyboard. If you’re looking for one for your iPad, several models are on sale for Prime Day. Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which snaps to the back of recent iPad Pros and iPad Airs, has backlit keys. It also includes a USB-C port to leave the iPad free while charging, and a trackpad to turn the tablet into a real little computer.

  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Air 4/5: €296.67 (€339)
  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9″: €352.47 (€399)

iPadOS 16: an update that completely transforms the iPad

Every year, as June approaches, when Apple hosts its Worldwide Developer Conference, die-hard iPad users are forced to manage their expectations of what features will or will not be included in the iPad. Apple.

This year, the iPad is getting a multitasking feature called Stage Manager, which is also making its debut on macOS Ventura. And to top it all off, Apple is making iPadOS 16 truly support external displays. These features are only available on iPad models that use the Apple Silicon M1 processor. I’ll say more about compatibility in a second.

I’ve been using the iPadOS 16 developer beta for about a month, and there’s no doubt that it completely changed the way I use my iPad Pro. Support for external monitors, combined with Stage Manager, makes the iPad more versatile, something it was sorely lacking before.

Apple is releasing the first public beta of iPadOS 16 this week, allowing anyone with a compatible iPad to sign up, install the beta, and preview upcoming features while testing the new version of the OS, thus helping Apple to fix bugs and other problems.

M1 or nothing?

iPadOS 16, Stage Manager, and support for external displays are all limited to Apple’s iPad M1 models. Specifically, it’s the 2021 iPad Pro and the 2022 iPad Air. The reason? So that the iPad can run up to eight apps at once – four on the iPad screen and four on an external display – the M1’s power, faster memory and virtual memory, plus the USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 port on the iPad M1 are among the elements that guarantee a reliable and fast experience.

I get why people are upset that their iPad Pro from just a few years ago is left behind. I find it hard to believe that Apple is doing this just to trick customers into buying a more expensive iPad model. It’s just not the way Apple has done things in the past.

Internship Manager

The iPad has had multitasking and the ability to use more than one app at a time for quite some time. Split View allows two apps to be used side by side, while Slide Over stores a stack of apps in a single column that can slide to either side of the screen and sit on top of another app. At most, you can have three apps open and running at the same time. It’s functional, but not ideal.

With Stage Manager, Apple makes it possible to have four different apps open and running on the iPad. But instead of each of these apps having their own spot on the screen, the windows are resizable and you can move them around as you see fit. You can drag and drop the edges of an app’s window to resize it, or drag the window using the multitasking button at the top of the screen.

The Stage Manager functionality is not always active. You need to turn it on (or off) in Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the iPad screen.

When Stage Manager is on, apps you open don’t take up the entire screen. They are then displayed in a reduced version, in the form of a window. You can then drag other apps onto that particular “scene” (again, up to four can be open and active on a scene at a time), or you can switch between scenes, including thumbnails are constantly visible and available on the left side of the screen.

In theory, four different apps can be assigned to each step group, and you can quickly switch between work or personal apps just by tapping the preview tile. In practice, having four apps open and running at the same time can get a bit overwhelming.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with apps and windows, and how to manage them, you should get used to pressing the multitasking button in the middle top of every app window. A few different options appear when you press this button, including adding another window to your scene, minimizing this window or application, or making the application full screen using the zoom option.

If your iPad is connected to an external display, another option will let you move that specific app or window to the other display. So if I move an open app to my iPad Pro, it will show up on my connected display, or vice versa.

What I like the most about Stage Manager, even in its beta version, is that all applications that are currently open are actually active. This means that if I have Slack open, but in the background of my Mail and Safari apps, I’ll appear online to my co-workers and continue to receive messages in real time.

A week ago I had a WebEx call open and active on my iPad Pro screen and I was able to switch between apps on an external display without WebEx disconnecting the call or does not obscure the window. Everything worked.

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