After a long period of rumor, AMD has finally confirmed that its new graphics cards Big Navi they will be based on architecture RDNA 2 and that they will be available on the PC market well before next-gen consoles.

Also known as 2x ships or Ships 2, they will be high-level GPUs which, according to what has been declared, will compete directly with the products Nvidia high-end, like Titan is RTX 2080Ti.

Here are the words of the CFO of AMD, Devinder Kumar, delivered at the conference at Bank of America Securities Global Technology:

“There is a lot of interest around the Navi 2, or as our fans call them, the Big Navi. They will be our first products based on RDNA 2. PC fans love to buy the best and we are working to bring them the best. . “.

The most important detail to know, however, is that these GPUs will be based on the RDNA 2 architecture, until now only confirmed for next-gen consoles. PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series X. If there are no postponements in the production chain, the Big Ships will arrive on the market around September / October and this means that they will be on the market well before the two consoles.

Although these new GPUs are expected to be powerful and expensive, Kumar has declared that the RDNA 2 architecture will be present in all the next GPUs, touching any segment of the band:

“The RDNA 2 architecture will touch our entire catalog. It will range from mainstream GPUs, to those aimed at true fanatics and, of course, in video game consoles and also in our products with integrated APUs. This will allow us to have a broad and that can accelerate the development of exciting features like raytracing. “.

Next-gen consoles may soon lose the technical advantage they have been exhibiting so far. What do you think?

Source: PCGamer