Among Us allows you to access your new map, in advance, thanks to a bug in Switch

Among Us is available now on Nintendo Switch. The multiplayer title is sweeping the console’s eShop and on top of it brings a bug that allows you to play a new map.

The success of Among Us it came suddenly for Innersloth, but from the developer they have already put the batteries to bring new content. We remember that despite the fact that Among Us has emerged in 2020, the title is already two years old.

As the fever of the imposters does not seem to stop, its developer announced that a new map would arrive shortly to Among Us. However, This has been unexpectedly advanced due to a glitch caused by the Nintendo Switch version.

While it is true that the map cannot be played as such, since it is not operationalYes, you can tour its facilities and investigate its nooks and crannies and possible strategies. Thus, by the time it is released you will already know it by heart, although it is possible that this bug will be corrected over time.

As the youtuber GameXplain points out in a video, you just have to follow a series of steps to be able to play on this map. Take a notebook and pen that we will tell you how to access the map:

  • Select local game mode and create a game
  • Go to the laptop, toggle between “Map” and select Airship.
  • Exit the local creator lobby
  • Select online mode and choose “Host”
  • Do not choose a map, just invite your friends (minimum four)
  • The whole room will end up on the Airship map

Among Us is already the best seller on the Nintendo eShop after 24 hours in the digital store. Don’t miss our opinion article on the game. Emergency meeting on Nintendo Switch. The success of Among Us. Have you spent many hours on this very social title?