Among Us closed the most popular month of its existence in November

The success game of InnerSloth continues to grow and is far above any other title in terms of simultaneous player numbers.

If we just look at that number of active players in November, then Among Us may be the most popular video game ever. Nielsen’s SuperData reports that the turbocharged digital company had half a billion active users in November alone.

The sad joke about this is that if we look at revenue, it doesn’t even fit into the top 10 most earning titles, given its rather friendly montage model.

Among Us produced the most on PCs, regardless of whether PCs make up just 3 percent of the player camp. This is largely due to InnerSloth’s Steam € 4 buy-in.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a stream of U.S. MPs who also broadcast Among Us circles at the end of November, probably made a big contribution to the amazing number of players. In short, the whole world is spinning this. We hope that the game’s developers will be able to maintain momentum, at least in part.

  • Developer: InnerSloth
  • Publisher: InnerSloth
  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC
  • Style: Other
  • Appearance: 6/15/2018

In InnerSloth’s multiplayer adventure, the crew of a spaceship faces imposers who try to knock everyone out one by one.