Among Us has reached 1.5 million concurrent players this weekend

The game continues to amass more and more hits, breaking record after record for the number of concurrent players on the Valve platform.

Discovering imposters and surviving as crew members doing tasks is becoming increasingly popular thanks to Among us and its more than growing popularity, despite the fact that the game has been on the market since November 2018. Their creators, InnerSloth, have announced that this weekend they have had 1.5 million concurrent players, and although this has caused some problems, they have a plan.

“We have reached 1.5 million online players at the same time!” InnerSloth posted on Twitter last Saturday. “We are, slowly, reaching the limit of all things, but bear with us! We will get out of this.” In addition to in Steam, the game has been in the Twitch’s most popular category, since it is very fun to create content if you crew member or impostor.

Yes you still did not know Among Us, the mechanics and the way of playing is very simple. In teams of 10, you are part of a crew that wants to return to serve, but 1, 2 and up to 3 members are alien imposters and they will want to make everything fail murdering the rest. As a member of the team, you must complete all the tasks assigned on the ship surviving impostors.

Before this past weekend rolled around, things were already starting to get hot in the Among Us servers, which shows that this will only continue to grow. Currently, already date and time of publication of this article, in Steam It has 31,648 current players and a peak of 187,525.

Among Us has already reached its full capacity other times, causing game misalignments, so one of the developers created a thread on his Twitter account. Right now, the solution is not plain and simple “add more servers“, but they are already working on it to find a solution that will come, they hope, in the coming days.

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But of course, we will have to be patientThey are a small team, they are tired, and the solution may be worse than the disease and cause more problems. Until then,good luck team!

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun