Among Us is reimagined as a Game Boy game

2020 phenomenon gains aesthetics of the classic portable video

Among Us it is one of the biggest sensations of 2020, gaining a sudden and relatively lasting popularity during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part of the game’s appeal is its relative graphic simplicity and accessibility, which can be played anywhere via mobile devices.

Which, decades ago, would not be very different from a game of Game Boy, and as indicated in the video above the youtuber Lumpy Touch, Among Us wouldn’t be as hard to imagine as a title on Nintendo’s iconic laptop.

  • Among Us will have full localization for Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fans create Among Us mod with references to Brazil

In the video, the game appears in the old greenish style of the Game Boy’s LCD screens, and the multiplayer is even conceived as a connection between 4 notebooks with Game Link cables.

The menus, graphics and sounds also maintain the same style as Nintendo’s handheld games, with a particularly disturbing animation of death by the imposter as a bonus.

To check out more of the youtuber’s work – ranging from more videos from Among Us to reimagining horror games with Garfield – check out the Lumpy Touch channel.

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