Among Us Tips and Tricks for Imposter and Crewmen

We give you the best tips that you can use in your games, whether you are an imposter or a crew member, to win practically almost always in Among Us.

Whether you are a crew member or an impostor, it is clear that each of the games you play Among us you want to win and not be eliminated by the rest of the players, and since the title is one of the most played today it is a good reason to update all our strategies to win.

Due to the enormous number of users who are currently enjoying Among Us, we have decided to create a guide where we are going to give tips and tricks whether you have to be an impostor or if you are a crew member, so that in each case you know what you should do to have ample chances of winning.

And it is that being eliminated before time is not satisfactory, so with the following tips and tricks for Among Us you will have enough won.

Among Us Tips and Tricks for Imposter and Crewmen

Tricks to be the best imposter

  • Avoid popular kill spots: we mean those places where most deaths are reported, because they will be watched by the rest of the crew and could hunt you down much faster. So try to avoid places like the electrical system or the security zone.
  • Learn what to sabotage first: while you can sabotage a lot of parts of the map, there are some key places that you should take a look before like the reactor or the O2 filter, but also turning off the lights and closing the doors is related to this very job. that I should never forget.
  • Use the key moments: for example when you do a sabotage and the crew members go to that area to repair the damage, always try to catch the clueless user who is left alone and thus kill him.
  • Go to the sabotage places: if you don’t see clearly what to eliminate, go running to the sabotage place because if you miss that area the rest of the users will start to suspect you and they will put the cross on you from the beginning.
  • Take advantage of the time: if after making a kill you have to wait as many seconds again to try another, take advantage of that period of time to, for example, carry out a sabotage. Ideally, you are always taking advantage of your time because the sooner you end up, the less suspicion you are going to cause among the rest of the users.
  • You have to be as explanatory as possible: you must have a good alibi ready, and when they are accusing you in the chat, you must be totally explanatory, even if you make it up, because that way you will convince more.
  • Report your own eliminations: Oddly enough, if you eliminate a user and report their death quickly, others will not suspect you since a murderer is not going to cackle their eliminations.

Tips and tricks to be the best crew member

  • You should always stay with other users: the impostor will first try to eliminate those who are alone, so always try to be in a group because that way the impostor will not be able to get close.
  • Keep an eye on the crew who are performing tasks: you must make sure that the task bar is filling up, because it could be the impostor who is posing as a crew member.
  • Take advantage of emergency meetings: in addition to trying to reach an agreement to find out who the imposter is, you can also develop team strategies to encourage communication a little more for the next steps.
  • Watch out for common tasks: common tasks are held by all crew members, so if you see a character completing a common task that you don’t have, they are likely an imposter.
  • Look at the visual tasks: only the visual tasks can be completed by the crew, so you can always keep an eye on the visual tasks that the rest of the characters are doing and discard them from the beginning.
  • Be careful with voting at the beginning: if at first you are guided only by assumptions when voting, it is likely that one of you will end up catching a mania and that can harm you for the rest of the game. Only vote when you are sure you believe who the impostor is.
  • Learn all about vents, because they are the main escape route for imposters, so if you take a look at them and the characters nearby, you are likely the imposter.
  • You need to check the door log – there are three sensors placed on the map, and this log can help you find out who was at the time of a particular murder, but sadly this door log only shows the 20 most recent events.
  • Use the cameras: they will provide us with information about the whereabouts of the rest of the users, including the imposter. While experienced imposters are difficult to catch through cameras, it is likely that in the current game there will be some that end up biting.

Now you have the best tips and tricks to be an imposter or crew member in Among Us, and always win the game. If you are playing Among Us a lot, we recommend that you take a look at our guide on how to be a good imposter in Among Us: tips and tricks that you probably don’t know. There is still much to wait for this game and it is that Among Us 2 was canceled shortly after announcing its development, its creators will improve the original title, so there are several pending improvements and content.

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