Among Usba a new level is coming

Since the game’s release, we’ve only been able to tread on three levels, but now the developers are expanding the list of sabotaged ships.

Although Among Us was released in 2018, it still began soaring this fall, when InnerSloth released two new tracks for it, Mira HQ and Polus. Seeing the success, the development team put their previous projects on the parking lot and began to focus their full strength on the imposing adventure, this time the fruit of a new location.

In Among Us, basically everything depends on the orbit, as it determines how successful we are imposterers or astronauts, how well we know the hidden corners of the spaceship we can navigate. That’s why learning a new location is a lot of extra challenge for those who already know the existing tracks to the point of boredom.

The Skald was sharpened back in 2018 when the game was released, and this was expanded by two more playgrounds this year from the developers. Now the track called The Airship is also among the venues to choose from. This will include plenty of references to InnerSloth’s Henry Stickmin games, which appeared as browser point-and-click adventures that year.

In addition, new tasks are coming, and from now on we can start in another room after an Emergency Meeting is over. Regardless, everything has remained the same, so we get ventilation shafts, alarm buttons, puzzles, so the mechanics we’ve been used to so far. The new map will be sharpened sometime in early 2021.

  • Developer: InnerSloth
  • Publisher: InnerSloth
  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC
  • Style: Other
  • Appearance: 6/15/2018

In InnerSloth’s multiplayer adventure, the crew of a spaceship faces imposers who try to knock everyone out one by one.