Amphetamine: prevents your Mac from falling asleep and falling asleep

We recently showed you a great app to complement your Magic Mouse 2 gestures. Now it’s time for another app that complements your Mac with a tool that prevents your computer from going to sleep as long as you want.

MacOS standby

We’ve all had to deal with the rest of our Macs that, while configurable, we would love to have more options that allow us to manage the screen when and when we really want it to fall asleep. This would benefit, for example, from downloads, rendering a project, or any other process that requires the Mac to run.

If what you are looking for is being able to control your Mac’s rest time, add extra sleep and energy features, have everything at your fingertips in a simple and easy way, Amphetamine is what you are looking for.


Amphetamine is an app that you can get directly from the Mac App Store, it’s compatible with macOS 10.11 and later. It is only in English and Chinese, but the interface is so simple that it handles allows the average user to get the most out of it without any difficulty.

Its function is to keep the Mac active for as long as you want and during sessions. Its use is very simple, active sessions keep the Mac awake, even you can create more specific session launches, when you are connected to a WiFi network, if a specific application is running or even if a USB or Bluethoot device is connected.

Active sessions can be the ones that come by default and are daily time intervals (minutes and hours), but they can also be specific times configured by the user. Launch sessions can be added to keep your Mac active with apps or other features, change the look (dark mode supported), and even display application usage statistics.

It also has the option to create keyboard shortcuts to define functions and you can keep active external drives that you have connected to your Mac.


Without a doubt, Amphetamine is a great application, it provides the user with many benefits and improves the use of the Mac, in addition it’s totally free and you can download it from this link. It has no ads, you don’t have to pay for other features, there are no external links, it’s a free basic tool.

Setup is quick, like any other app in the store. Once downloaded, it will launch a small screen which gives a basic explanation of the tool. At the end of the tutorial, icon will appear in menu bar or Apple menu.

With a left click you open the menu to configure the sessions or go to the preferences of the application and with a right click you start or end the active session automatically and quickly.

AT create launch sessions you must go to the « Triggers » section, activate « Activate triggers », give the + button, choose a name and add the option. As I mentioned before, you can activate the session when you are in a foreground app, connect a device via USB or even when you have connected the headset.

As you have read, there is a way to check the availability of our Apple computer. Of course, there are other alternatives, but for its functions and ease of handling it is worth trying this free application.

I am sure that Amphetamine will become a very useful tool and a supplement that you will have now. And if you want to know more apps for your Mac, you can go to this other article with the best apps to be able to telecommute.

Source: Techradar