An age-restricted Star Wars horror film would be directed by Doctor Strange

Scott Derrickson has a pretty specific idea of ​​how a horror movie could work in a far-flung galaxy.

Scott Derrickson directed the 2016 Doctor Strange cinema, but for the second part, he only performs producer duties. He’s sure to be more busy with the Snowpiercer series anyway this year, but he talked a little bit about what Star Wars movie he would make if he got a free hand from Lucasfilm. A completely unusual idea follows, which is why we love it so much on the first hearing.

Derrickson wants to return to the planet Hoth, where he imagines a horror story. The director wouldn’t be sophisticated, he would immediately aim for the R-rating, which sounds great, but unfortunately (or fortunately, everyone decides for himself) the chances of this coming true are almost zero, as no age-limited Star Wars movie, series, video game , or just a book, maybe a comic – I know there were zombies in the Death Troopers volume, but this is also true for The Clone Wars animation series (Night Sisters, though), which doesn’t necessarily make the product age-restricted yet.

We’ve previously thanked the director for films like Leave Me, Satan !, Sinister, or just Exile for Emily Rose’s greeting, so it’s no surprise the direction he outlined in a tweet that has since been deleted. He put it this way:

“He was recently asked what kind of Star Wars movie I wanted to make. I replied that I was an R-rated horror movie set on the icy planet Hoth. not even a storyline. “

So, if you’ve grieved anyway because Scott Derrickson left the second Doctor Strange movie because of creative disagreements, you can now grieve because it’s almost certain that Lucasfilm will never nod to your dream movie in a stinky life.