an anonymous network, without comments and with a million dollars a day to distribute among the most popular videos

Everyone wants to be like TikTok. It is the fashionable social network and its rivals know it. If in July of this year we saw Google launch Shoploop for purchases, or in August Instagram launch its Reels. Now It’s Snapchat’s turn who joins the fast video fever with Spotlight, a new section where users can upload their own short videos.

Spotlight will be promoted on Snapchat’s main menu, but it doesn’t come alone. As a way to promote their use, from Snap they explain that they will invest large amounts of money in the creators. Specifically they explain that they will pay up to $ 1 million a day until the end of the year to users who share the most popular videos and are over 16 years of age.

A “TikTok” without comments and with anonymous profiles

Without giving money directly to influencers, Snapchat does want to convince the most charismatic and original users with the promise that they will be able to generate income on its new platform. But Snapchat also wants your new platform be anonymous, unless the creator of the video decides to advertise openly. The idea is that many Snapchat users to date are unknown users, without becoming recognized creators. For this reason, Spotlight’s strategy will go through rewarding users with the most popular videos and not so much personalities.

They are not the only ones to reward creators. Instagram does the same with Reels and TikTok announced last July a $ 200 million fund for creators.

Snapchat explains that your community will be moderate “by humans and software” and has as a priority “the health of users”, indirectly alluding to the problems of TikTok and other platforms with abuse.

Spotlight has videos that play automatically and you can slide up or down to switch between them easily. The mechanics are exactly the same as what we have seen on TikTok and it is based on an algorithm that completely determines which video will be shown next. The new Snapchat section allows you to select specific topics, although, unlike TikTok, does not allow comments.

Any user can upload a video to Spotlight, but these They will only be visible to friendly users unless they are marked as public. Depending on the tastes and if there has been positive or negative interaction, the algorithm will decide what type of videos to show. As Snapchat explains, each video will be distributed to at least 100 users.

The new Snapchat platform will initially be available in the United States and some European countries, but not Spain, which will have to wait for the next wave of countries where the service will land.

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