An ex of Naughty Dog bundles it with a statement comparing the quality of Sony and Xbox games

Phil Spencer represents Xbox’s change in philosophy since he took over Microsoft’s video game division. One of his decisions was to buy several studios such as Ninja Theory, inXile, Playground Games, 343i, The Coalition, Obsidian or Double Fine to ensure exclusive quality 3 or 4 month cads. Thus, Xbox Game Studios was born.

However, a former Naughty Dog, Jonathan Cooper, just made a controversial statement claiming that Xbox studios cannot overshadow Sony games:

“None of the studios bought are on the same level as Sony’s first parties, and they will only get there with long-term hiring and support and financial support. However, I prefer this new philosophy to creating entirely new studios that don’t have shared culture “

@garretty None of the purchased studios are at the same level as Sony 1st party, and will only get there with suppo…

– Jonathan Cooper (@GameAnim) Mon Dec 16 00:15:45 +0000 2019