It’s no coincidence that this ability was also flashed in the week of the premiere of the new film in the series running on Disney +.

Perhaps not so surprising in light of the title and introduction to the following lines spoilers there will also be Skywalker’s early movies and The Mandalorian series, and while it’s not a skyrocketing twist, be sure to read on or leave this article until you’re up to date on Star Wars movies and series.

The new Star Wars trilogy introduced a number of new powers into the canon, and in the ninth episode, Rey learns an interesting new technique again: he becomes virtually able to heal with the laying on of hands, repairing even seemingly deadly wounds in a matter of seconds. Healing actually works by transferring a portion of your own life force through the Force to the injured person, thereby healing the person.

And in the latest part of The Mandalorian, baby Yoda used the same ability. Moreover, if we want to be precise, we tried to heal Mando in the second part after a clash with trandoshan bounty hunters. In the seventh episode, however, the little sweetness finally really used this special ability, as Greef Carga received a deadly wound, and a rapidly spreading poison got into his body, but baby Yoda healed him smoothly. Thus, it appears that this is not a single ability, as several force users have used healing.

In the films, series, comics and books belonging to the canon, we have not encountered any specific references to the ability to heal so far, but there were plenty of examples in the stories that appeared in the pre-Disney era, now classified as Legends. Mara Jade, or even Barriss Offee, has healed themselves and their peers several times during meditation. More than 130 years after the Battle of Yavini, Cade Skywalker (a descendant of Luke) in the comics was in some cases even able to resurrect someone immediately after that person’s death. If we dig even deeper into the stories of the Legends, we can also see that the dark side also has a kind of healing ability.

Both Darth Vader and Darth Bane healed their own injuries with the help of the Force. In the novel Shadows of the Empire, Vader was even able to call on his own anger, using the Force, even without his helmet. And of course, let’s not forget Darth Sion, seen in Knights of the Old Republic II, who kept his own shattered body with the Force all the time.

It is therefore an old-new ability that has now appeared in the official canon.

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