An SSD reminiscent of old memory cards comes with the Xbox Series X.

What’s more, we’ll be able to access our games running from one terabyte of extra storage as quickly as those on the internal SSD.

With the absence of more serious gaming-themed events, gaming market players have no choice but to announce online what surprises they are up to. It may be that tomorrow Sony will unveil the PlayStation 5, along with all its specifications, and Microsoft has already started dripping information about the Xbox Series X today. According to this, even those who feel that the built-in 1TB SSD will not be enough for them will not have to worry either.

According to the information released, Microsoft partnered with Seagate to produce an external SSD that can take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s architecture called Velocity, which means connected to the console so that we can access our games stored on it as quickly as if they were on built-in memory. . However, not only in terms of its function, the portable storage device is interesting, but also because it is very similar to memory cards that evoke PS2 times.

Microsoft has said that we can also connect hard drives with USB 3.1 and 3.2 to the console, but we can only use them to run our games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox; if you want to pack your games specifically for the Xbox Series X on external storage, you will definitely need to buy one. Given that it will be manufactured exclusively by Microsoft and Seagate, and that the SSD is still not cheap entertainment, it is likely that they will be asked for the price of the small media.