Finding tricks on iOS that are not well known and remain secret is increasingly difficult because almost all of them have already been shown at some point. It is true that when Apple presents new systems such as iOS 14, something that we already know will happen on June 22, they arrive loaded with news and little tricks, but once a time has passed it is very difficult to find new ones. And that is what we bring you today, a new trick that at least we did not know until now.

For a long time the iPhone or iPad Notes app has been a very good option among these types of apps, we can create tables, write with our finger or Apple Pencil, change the letter, insert photos and create to-do lists. These lists have a circle on the left that we can mark as we complete the tasks that we have created. So far everything normal, but what we did not know is that sublists can be made -and sublists of sublists- which can come in handy on certain occasions.

The lists viewed in this way can be much more productive and useful, and then we are going to show you how you can create them. It is very simple.

How to create nested lists in the iOS Notes app

Whether you’re creating a shopping list or a travel list, having lists within lists can be very useful. For example you can organize the shopping list by type of food, or plan a trip with what you have to see each day. There are many possibilities and nested lists can help us a lot.

These types of lists can be easily create when you have a keyboard with the tab key, but what to follow that you did not know is that it can also be done by touching the screen of your iOS device, you just have to do this:

  • Enter the Notes app and create a new one.
  • If the tools do not appear, click on the “+”.
  • Now tap on the third icon which is the one create lists.
  • Add the first element from your list and hit enter.
  • A second line will appear, type the second element.
  • To nest it to the first only swipe the second item to the right of the list.
  • Pressing enter you will automatically continue in that same sublist.
  • You can add more sublists by simply swiping and by pressing enter several times you will go backwards.


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As you can see, the process is quite simple and will help you to have the lists well organized and much faster you will be able to locate the items to mark them as completed. And finally keep in mind that you must swipe right to the right, if you hold down, the text will begin to be selected.

It is not easy to find these types of hidden tricks in iOS since they are not usually abundant, if you want to know many more we recommend that you go through our tricks section, we have settings for beginner users and tricks for the more advanced, you should not miss them.

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