Android Market already supports multiple APKs in the same application

Google has endeavored to convert the Android Market in the best app store. From time to time it receives important improvements and news for both users and developers. Last week they surprised us with a redesign of the Android application and now they surprise us with a novelty that many of us were already crying out for.

Until now, each application only allowed one file APK and this caused several problems. One problem was that many applications when they updated could ask for a version of Android higher than ours, with what we could no longer download those applications until our mobile will update.

Another problem is that many applications are repeated. The Android Market it was filling up with several versions of the same application, especially in games, where we found the same game for mobile phones, tablets and mobile phones with physical controls like the Xperia Xplay. The problem with this was if that application or game was paid, since if you bought the mobile game you would not go for tablets, so you would have to pay twice for the same game.

Google tries to fix these problems by allowing each application in the Android Market can contain several APK files and that when the user goes to install the application the APK corresponding to the device. Now we could buy a game and depending on which device we download it from, we install the version for mobile phones, the version for tablets, the version optimized for our processor, or the version for our OS. We would no longer have to buy the same game several times.

This is something that the official Android store needed since it was not logical that in some games you have to pay again to enjoy it on another type of device or with another processor. Hopefully the developers will not delay in grouping all those versions and that the Android Market is the one that download the specific version for our Android device.

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