Angry Birds Evolution – Quickly unlock gems and diamonds

Anyone who plays Angry Birds Evolution should sooner or later deal with the gems. They are, so to speak, the basic means of payment in the game, apart from real money, should you want to buy gems in the in-game shop. But that alone shows how important the gemstones are. In short: They are one of the most important things in the game and that’s why we’re going to show you below how you can get them without spending any money.

A simple overview of the easiest way to get a lot of stones together can be found in the “Achievements” tab. Various tasks are listed there, including descriptions of how to complete them. For example, discover the yellow desert, reach player level 5 or defeat 25 pigs in a fight. If you have met one of the requirements, you can click on the diamond symbol next to the “Pick up” lettering to the right. If you are only halfway to completing one of the tasks, you can see how much you are still missing, for example level 3/5 when you reach player level 5.

Check this menu regularly to see where you can pick up which rewards. This is very important because you will not be automatically credited with it.

Furthermore, you should hurry to reach level 15 within the story as quickly as possible. Apart from the important experience, you unlock pigs made of precious stones from level 15, and these of course leave the stones on the field.

At level 17 it gets a little more interesting. A kind of perk is unlocked here, with which it is possible to track down hidden gems in the middle of the bird city.

Last but not least, the tip to diligently collect or discover more pigs and birds. If you have unlocked new animals, go to the menu and click on the tabs “Birds” or “Opponents”. There you can see what you have unlocked by means of small gift symbols. Open a gift and in return you will receive at least one gemstone for your collection.

Stick to these tips and you will quickly get your hands on many gems. So you can afford what you want and don’t have to take any real money into your hand in the in-game shop.