The Anker brand now offers new USB cables “ more ecological and biobased “.

Concretely, this translates into cable sheaths made (up to 40%) from a mixture of materials of vegetable origin.

Organic and sustainable USB cables at Anker

The Anker brand is very proud to announce the launch of a new range of cables made from a mixture of plant-based materials. In doing so, Anker wants to reduce the share of plastic derived from petroleum with biosourced cables, made from plants such as corn, sugar cane, etc.

For Anker, this is a first step, and the firm intends to continue this eco-innovation for the industry. Obviously, the bio-based cables offered by Anker offer the same characteristics as a “standard” plastic cable, both in terms of performance and reliability. The range is offered in different colours, and two sizes are available, namely 90 and 180 cm.

Anker offers this new range in an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable at 24.99 euros and a USB-C to USB-C cable at 19.99 euros.

A compact 30W charger and greener cables from Anker (perfect for the iPhone 14)

With the Anker 511 Nano III USB-C power adapter, the manufacturer is once again taking advantage of gallium nitride (GaN), offering an alternative solution to the traditional silicon used in chargers, with transistors giving off less heat, allowing bring the internal components together and offer a more compact charger without compromising on power. In use (we have adopted many models from the range in writing), Anker models do not heat up more than Apple chargers (the manufacturer’s ActiveShield 2.0 embedded technology monitors the temperature more than 3 million times per day), and will therefore make it possible to save a little space on the move, or to obtain a second compact charger capable of charging several peripherals.

Apple no longer provides an AC adapter in the box, the 511 Nano III 30W will be the perfect companion for an iPhone (iPhone 14 could benefit from wired fast charging taking advantage of those 30W) and its power will also allow it to be used for an iPad/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPad Pro or for a MacBook Air (without fast charging, the latter requiring higher power). The Anker 511 Nano III 30W is already available at 24.99 euros in white, black and purple (the US benefit in addition to a green and a pale blue).

Anker also offers its more eco-friendly and bio-based USB-C to Lightning (541) and USB-C to USB-C (543) cables. Cable and connector sheaths use a mix of plant-based materials to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastic (such as TPE thermoplastic elastomer), without sacrificing strength or toughness (the manufacturer announces that these new cables withstand 20,000 bends, i.e. as many as its traditional models). The Anker 541 cables in USB-C to Lighting measure 180 cm, accept a power of 100W, are MFi certified (Made For iPhone), available in Aurora White, Misty Blue, Phantom Black, Natural Green, and Lilac Purple (USB-C to USB-C version omits purple) and marketed at the introductory price (coupon box to be ticked) of 22.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros (17.99 euros for the 543 USB-C to USB-C model).

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