Another character in the Battle of the Thrones may join Season 2 of the Butterflies

It is said that Kristofer Hivju, who played Tormund, will not be the only fighting actor in the Thrones we will see in the Netflix series.

Netflix recently officially announced who will join the second season of the Butterflies, but cunningly last let the unveiling of Vesemir’s shaper (spoiler: it’s not Mark Hamill). Among the newcomers was Kristofer Hivju, who played Tormund in the Battle of the Thrones (and here he will hide in Nivellen’s skin), but he is reportedly not the only one to jump from one fantasy series to another fantasy series.

Redanian Intelligence, which has already provided reliable information in the past, has done real research, noticing two hints that Natalie Dormer, who shaped Margaery Tyrell in the Battle of the Thrones, could join the cast.

One is that the actress was spotted two weeks ago as she rode not far from the filming location with a Season 2 crew member who also worked with Henry Cavill. And not long after, one of the castingos mentioned Dormer’s name in a post, and these can’t be coincidences.

We are waiting for the official announcement, in the meantime tell me who do you think Dormer should play? Philippa Eilharti? Queen Meve? Or someone else?