The iPhone 12 and the new iPad Aira just went on sale, and minutes later the first leaked benchmarks arrive. Both devices share the same heart: the Apple A14 Bionic, the first 5 nanometer processor to reach the mobile market.

However, even though the processor is the same, the first data indicates that the iPad is above in performance compared to the iPhone, or so AnTuTu Benchmark seems to interpret it.

Notable differences, especially in GPU

The first data of the iPhone 12 in AnTuTu Benchmark shows an overall score 564,899. Specifically, 167,894 in CPU and 201,085 in GPU, the key points of the processor. This score, compared to the global 660,038 of the iPad Air, 183,817 in CPU and 261,927 in GPU, it is well below.

Almost 30% difference in GPU and close to 10% in CPU, quite wide gap between both models, which have 4 GB of RAM, unlike the 6 GB of RAM that Apple has incorporated this year in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models. It is still too early to draw conclusions, since they are only the first tests. Nevertheless, the difference is there and it is clear, with great advantage for the iPad.

With these data on the table, remember that according to the first Geekbench tests, the Apple A14 Bionic is around 20% superior in multi-core and single-core compared to the A13 Bionic. It remains to be seen, when the devices are in our hands, if the differences really are that remarkable.

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