Poopdie was only available on Android.

Published by PewDiePie its free mobile game, Poopdie, however, only Android users can enjoy it, even if you’re looking for it on iOS. There’s an infinitely simple reason for this: the game didn’t slip through Apple’s quality control procedure, it couldn’t get into the App Store.

In the mobile game in question, we can control a worm who is able to command his own end products and instruct the kindly smiling poop to perform a variety of tasks. PewDiePie himself was involved in the creation of Poopdie (the game was developed by Bulbware, by the way), performing dubbing tasks exactly – you certainly have a hint of what this might have looked like in practice. Of course, it wouldn’t be good for the game to be completely excluded from such an important platform, and PewDiePie also mentions in the video below that they’re working on fine-tuning Poopdie – which means you need to dim the game’s fairly expressive graphics and sound effects.

No official statement has yet been received from Apple as to exactly why Poopdie is unfit to appear on iOS. Do you think the game is too disgusting, or should it still fit in?

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