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Apple Glass is closer than we imagine

Apple Glass is closer than we imagine

For a few months now, rumors about Apple’s plans for augmented reality have not stopped emerging. It seems that each time we are closer to that future that those of Cupertino seem to be preparing for years, and the closer we are, more difficult is keeping all details secret. Luckily for us, the information in many cases is contradictory, so that your arrival will surely end up being a surprise.

For now, what we are discovering is that the components that will make possible the devices that Apple is preparing, those hypothetical Apple Glass, are already being tested for its entry into production. Specifically, from The Information they indicate that Apple is working with Foxconn to bring semi-transparent lenses to the production phase in tests that would make it possible to project information on them.

In any case, and as optimistic as this report may seem, the truth is that we would still be a couple of years away from seeing them reach Apple products, regardless of who end up using these lenses. This forecast it would be in the line of that offered by Mark Gurman A few weeks ago, he estimated the launch of Apple Glass at the earliest in 2023. And it must be taken into account that, although the lenses are essential, they are not the only component to be developed.

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Thus, we would still have some time to discover the vision of the future that they are preparing at Apple. A plan that has been in the making for several years, and that will undoubtedly lead to truly revolutionary products and services. Perhaps even more than what we have seen so far with the iPhone.