As we usually comment, tracking the results published by consultants in the mobile world serves as still photography that shows us the evolution of the different brands. These are results that can never be taken with total accuracy, since they are not official figures from each manufacturer, but rather a compilation of data from different sources, but still help to know what is happening.

The last quarters of each year are usually Apple’s strongest moments Because it puts its new generation of iPhone into circulation, and according to CounterPoint Research, the close of 2020 was really good for North Americans. They closed the quarter in front of the market again, although the season fell again on Samsung’s side, but this time they did so with a notable advantage over their pursuers.

Apple leads the quarter, Samsung the full year

A few hours ago, Apple published its latest summary of results and several rather staggering figures are drawn from it. Such as the fact of exceeding 1,000 million active iPhones, something that was achieved in Android in 2014 but that until now had not been achieved by any individual brand. In addition, the North American firm closed the quarter with more than $ 100 billion in revenue, another record figure.

However, the other figure that deserves to be highlighted comes from abroad, from the aforementioned CounterPoint Research. The consulting firm has made numbers based on “shipments”, shipments of devices that cannot be considered as pure sales, although both figures tend to be similar. And in said “shipments”, Apple has beaten the third quarter emphatically, while consolidating its second position in the market on an annual basis.

According to data from CounterPoint Research, Apple towers over its pursuers with nearly 82 million iPhones “shipped” or “shipped” in the last quarter of 2020, which together with the decline of a Samsung that remains second (from 70.4 million to 62.5 million) causes Apple to separate from the South Koreans by approximately 20 million units sold, 33% more than these.

Huawei disappears from the Top 5 in the last quarter of the year but still appears in the full year photo

In third place in the quarter, we find a Xiaomi that is also growing, going from 32.9 million to 43 million phones, followed by OPPO with 34 million and Vivo with 33.4 million. The big negative note stars her Huawei, whose numbers fall from the 56.2 million that rose to third place in 2019 to the 33 million that place it currently in sixth place. Luckily for them, Realme, their main pursuer, is still a long way off.

Regarding the Top 5 of the year For CounterPoint Research, Samsung leads with almost 256 million mobile phones, Apple follows with 201 million, Huawei remains third in the year with 188 million and Xiaomi and OPPO close with 146 and 112 million, respectively. Good season finale for Apple, which predicts an upward 2021, and bad news for a Huawei that points out that it will continue to fall in the coming quarters.

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