Apple has received a title that may not surprise either the company itself or its followers. According to a report published in BrandZ, Apple has been named the best technology company in the world. However, and at a time where each representative of this sector of the economy surprises us every day with innovative products and services, we will share some of the reasons why it has been deserving of this title.

The classification made by the analyst BrandZ considers a place in its list of the 100 best technology brands, those with the largest absolute dollar contribution to the total value of their respective parent companies, considering both current and projected performance. In another classification derived from a study by the same analyst, Apple also positioned itself as the second most valuable global brand.

Apple is the best at what it does, study finds

As the cited report explains, a business may have great overall business value, but the absolute dollar contribution it owns may not be a comparatively large figure, at least not a large enough figure to qualify, after having passed the study conducted using the unique and objective methodology that combines a broad and continuous view of consumers with a rigorous financial analysis.

After Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tencent and Facebook are other companies that proved to be resistant, especially relative to brands in most other categories, with revenue and earnings generally improving, albeit at a slower pace.

Finally, the report concludes that “Apple’s services and devices illustrate how technology has become intertwined with every moment of people’s lives. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and 5G promise to offer greater benefits to the consumer in exchange for a more intimate relationship between the consumer and the brand. Trust will be critical and brands face different challenges in cultivating or restoring trust depending on how their use of customer data fits their business model and how scrupulous they are in protecting it. “

In addition to the technological innovation that drives its products, Apple has repeatedly made it clear, safety is everything. And it shows it with a business model that is not based on monetizing customer data, but promotes respect for privacy as an important attribute of the brand, and its profits show that it was the right decision.

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