Apple Pay is one of the best services of Apple, it allows us pay without contact and almost effortlessly from our iPhone or Apple Watch in the vast majority of establishments without having to take out our card. Apple Pay is based on NFC technology to make payment securely, however a new form of payment using QR codes could soon arrive, which perhaps is not very popular here, but which in places like China is incredibly popular.

As you surely know, iOS 14 betas are now available and yesterday Apple released the second beta for developers, although it can be installed by any user. This new beta includes quite a few new features, and 9to5mac has found one related to the QR code payments through Apple Pay.

This feature has not been officially released, references have simply been found in the iOS 14 beta 2 code. Apparently Apple is working on a new method that will allow us to make payments through Apple Pay by scanning a QR code, or a traditional barcode, with the iPhone camera.

QR codes will arrive in Apple Pay

9to5mac has managed to access this hidden feature of iOS 14 beta 2, although at the moment it is deactivated and does not work. As they have commented, we can pay for any purchase by scanning the QR code that they have in the store with any card that we have in Apple Pay. But the system also works in reverse. That is, our iPhone could generate a QR code that the store can scan to complete the payment.

But this novelty does not end here, they have also discovered that there will be some type of interaction of this payment system through QR codes with third-party appsas this information was found in a public system API.

Apple did not comment on this new feature at the iOS 14 presentation at WWDC20, nor did it comment on anything in subsequent talks. Everything indicates that this Apple Pay novelty is not yet ready to launch, and perhaps it will be delayed for several months and arrive together with a future update of iOS 14. Of course, this function was not present in the first beta launched two weeks ago.

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Apple Pay continues to evolve over time and this is one ideal function to attack new markets where QR codes have been used and popularized when paying. We do not know when it will be available, although it is a function that seems important and that Apple should explain well before launching to the public.

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