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Apple Pay on iOS 16: Safari would no longer be the only option available

Apple Pay on iOS 16: Safari would no longer be the only option available

As you know, Apple has a slight tendency to limit certain features as soon as you leave its ecosystem. Apple Pay attests to this. For the moment, the Cupertino company’s payment application only works with Safari, Apple’s home browser.

Registered on the beta of iOS 16, the journalist claims on his Twitter account to have seen Apple Pay working on Chrome and Edge. With a screenshot, it seems quite plausible. He even claims that all “third-party” browsers could be supported on the iPhone.


On the other hand, still according to his observations, macOS does not seem concerned by this novelty. The editor provides a beginning of explanation. Third-party browsers on iOS all use Safari’s rendering engine while they don’t have to on macOS. The novelty could therefore never be found on Apple PCs.

In March 2022, Europe adopted a directive aimed at combating the anti-competitive practices of tech giants. This Digital Markets Act should begin to apply in the spring of 2023 and in particular requires the giants to leave more room for competition on their platforms.

Apple Pay could finally work in third-party browsers on iOS 16

Apple seems to be giving up Apple Pay on iOS 16. As several Internet users have noticed, the button to pay with Apple Pay on the web appears in several third-party browsers on iOS 16 betas. This is the case with Chrome and Edge, and we were also able to confirm this with Firefox on beta 4.

Until then, Apple Pay was reserved for Safari for payments on the web. For now, Apple has not formalized this openness to third-party browsers. This could be linked in one way or another to DMA, the new European legislation that aims to break the hold of gatekeepers (like Apple) on their platform.

Apple Pay is coming to other browsers

This is one of the announcements of the weekend. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or even Firefox support Apple’s payment method.

This is good news for users! Recently, some people have noticed that it is now possible to use the Apple Pay payment system from different browsers.

Indeed, since iOS 15, it was only possible to pay via Apple Pay from Apple’s home browser, namely Safari. Steve Moser notes, however, that this possibility should not arrive on macOS. This is because third-party browsers use Safari rendering on macOS.

iOS 16 will allow payment with Apple Pay on Chrome, Edge and Firefox on iPhone

Apple Pay opens up to other browsers on iPhone

Interesting iOS 16 screenshots, stating that Apple Pay works in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and supposedly “in any other third-party browser” thanks to the fourth beta of iOS 16 for developers. About Firefox, several Internet users had already pointed out on Reddit that it also worked during beta 3 of the future operating system for iPhone.

This announcement thus underlines that it is possible to pay with bank cards registered on Apple Pays through your favorite mobile browser thanks to iOS 16. As a reminder, iOS 15 and previous versions only allow you to perform this action with Safari, alias Apple’s browser. Thus, the firm at the apple seems to open up to the outside, probably worried about the projects of the European Union aimed at repressing the anti-competitive practices of the big technological companies, in particular about Apple Pay.

In addition to this information, Steve Moser explains that Apple Pay still does not work on third-party browsers (like Edge or Chrome) under the latest macOS Ventura beta. He thus assumes that the functionality is part of iOS 16, because Chrome, Edge and Firefox use the rendering engine of Safari (Webkit) for their iOS application.

Incidentally, the latest iOS 16 developer beta has brought a major change to messages: the possibility of having a history of modified messages. The latter thus expands the new functionality for modifying text messages in the Messages application from Apple.