It is one of the most secure payment solutions available today (at least according to Apple). The apple brand has been developing Apple Pay for several years and while the system is taking on an unprecedented scale in this year 2022, it could leave its nest.

He who cut his teeth in Safari could soon be used by other services and applications. A new version of the iOS 16 beta indeed suggests that Apple’s payment system could see the light of day in new forms. Without revolutionizing itself, the payment service could be accessible in the coming months from other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Apple Pay opens up to competition

Indeed the update of the last beta of macOS Ventura does not allow to have the same result. So far users have seen changes for Apple Pay on the phone and tablet versions. Both devices support Apple’s payment service with both Chrome and Firefox.

If this announcement necessarily pleases a large number of users, many must now hope that such a change will also, and above all, happen on Macs, which are the devices most likely to use another internet browser.

Safari: more in danger than ever

Today it is estimated that just over a billion people use Safari. The browser designed by Apple owes its popularity mainly to the iPhone, a field that it masters from start to finish and where the competition is quite weak, although existing.

As a reminder, Apple is now targeted by several investigations concerning the promotion of its own products. One of the current procedures focuses precisely on the applications installed by default by Apple, such as Safari. If Apple were to lose this new legal battle, the Cupertino company should let its users choose between similar solutions such as Safari, Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Apple may open Apple Pay support to a select group of third-party browsers in iOS 16

One of the major drawbacks of using third-party browsers on devices running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is the lack of support for Apple Pay. People wanting to make online in-browser payments on e-commerce platforms have no choice but to use Apple’s Safari browser if Apple Pay is their payment option of choice. This lack of Apple Pay support on browsers other than Safari has been bothering Apple Pay users for some time. However, it now appears that Apple has finally decided to fix this problem – albeit in a limited way.

Apple may open Apple Pay support to a select group of third-party browsers when stable versions of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 become available later this year. In fact, for several iOS 16 Beta and iPadOS Beta users, this feature is already available.

On July 30, Mosser tweeted a screenshot showing how he could use Apple Pay using third-party browsers on a device running the latest version of iOS 16 Beta. Steve Mosser and a few others have confirmed that they can use Apple Pay on iOS 16 Beta and iPadOS Beta with third-party browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Interestingly, the feature only appears to have been enabled on the iPhone and tablet versions of these browsers on devices running either iOS 16 Beta or iPadOS 16 Beta.

Good news

Notably, support for Apple Pay continues to elude macOS versions of those same third-party browsers. According to Mosser, the main reason Apple Pay doesn’t work on macOS versions of third-party browsers is because on macOS, those browsers use a different rendering engine than Safari. Given that mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are facing stiff competition from contactless cards for in-store transactions, it’s rather odd to see Apple restrict the use of Apple Pay on online platforms.

And, the arrival of third-party browser support on the betas of iOS 16 and iPad 16 doesn’t necessarily mean that the feature will eventually arrive in the stable releases of those platforms later this year. However, we can only hope that before the end of 2022, Apple Pay becomes compatible with browsers on all Apple platforms.

On iOS 16, Apple Pay would work on all browsers

Apple Pay for all browsers?

Renowned for limiting certain functions to its one and only ecosystem, Apple seems to want to open up more competition with iOS 16, at least when it comes to Apple Pay. Indeed, in all likelihood, Apple’s payment service could be compatible with other browsers than the famous Safari house.

The latter indicates that Apple Pay is able to work, via iOS 16, on browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Apple’s payment system should also be compatible with other browsers, including Firefox.

In this way, Safari would no longer be the only browser to support Apple Pay on iPhone. It remains to be seen now if the decision stems from a real desire on the part of Apple to make life easier for its users, or if it is a start of compliance with the Digital Markets Act which will enter effective next year. The new legislation on digital markets aims to “fight against the anti-competitive practices of internet giants and correct the imbalances of their domination on the European digital market”.

Apple Pay could finally work in third-party browsers on iOS 16

Apple seems to be giving up Apple Pay on iOS 16. As several Internet users have noticed, the button to pay with Apple Pay on the web appears in several third-party browsers on iOS 16 betas. This is the case with Chrome and Edge, and we were also able to confirm this with Firefox on beta 4.

Until then, Apple Pay was reserved for Safari for payments on the web. For now, Apple has not formalized this openness to third-party browsers. This could be linked in one way or another to DMA, the new European legislation that aims to break the hold of gatekeepers (like Apple) on their platform.

Apple Pay web support socket added to third-party browsers in iOS 16; likely antitrust response

Apple Pay web support was made available to third-party browsers in betas of iOS 16. The change has been confirmed to apply to Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Apple likely made the dedicated change in response to upcoming antitrust legislation that seeks to outlaw the practice of forcing browser developers to use WebKit…


Apple has so far enforced two restrictions that limit the functionality offered in third-party web browsers on iPhone and iPad.

First, all browsers must use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine. In effect, this indicates that all iOS web browsers are the same under the hood and that it is impossible for a competitor to offer a browser that, for example, renders pages faster than Safari.

Second, you can only use Apple Pay for purchases on the web when using Safari. It is this second restriction that was removed in the betas of iOS 16.

IOS 16: Apple Pay will soon arrive on Chrome and Edge

Apple has finally decided to open Apple Pay to competition and not just to its ecosystem. The iOS 16 update would allow Apple’s mobile payment service to work on web browsers other than Safari, namely Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Making payments with your iPhone on other web browsers may soon be possible. With iOS 16, Apple seems to have decided to open its mobile payment service to other web browsers, as Steve Moser reports on Twitter. Currently, Apple Pay is only available on Safari, Apple’s web browser, but it cannot be used on Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

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