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Apple promotes its best series in a new video

Apple promotes its best series in a new video

One year after its launch Apple TV + continues to come up with proposals to become one of the favorite options in the increasingly bulky list of streaming platforms. Thus, along with new releases, the service has also announced its next projects, characterized by bringing together the best team for their development.

Video with original series from Apple TV +

The best original series on Apple TV +

As a summary for its current users or for those who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy any of the plans offered by Apple to enjoy Apple TV + even for free, Apple has shared a video with several clips of the most famous original series so far .

The video begins with the sound of someone writing and a text that says: “In 1969, the United States lands the first man on the moon”, continues with the text “In 1969, the United States watches how the USSR lands the first man on the moon », alluding to the plot of Apple Original “For All Mankind”. From there, he introduces several series that you have at least heard of.

The clip similarly continues for Apple’s critically acclaimed thriller, “Servant”, the Emmy Award-winning writing drama “The Morning Show”, the comedy “Ted Lasso”, the family drama, and one of the most viewed on the platform “Defending Jacob” and the World War II drama that also broke records Greyhound.

Unlike other apps of its kind, Apple TV + has not had what we could say a very successful year. And it is that, precisely the original content, the majority, series still in its first season, it could be playing against you.

However, the commitment to quality programming remains firm and has led Tim Cook to declare his confidence in the project on several occasions, but at this point, will it be just a matter of time before Apple TV + becomes an addition that adds followers ?