Apple releases macOS Big Sur beta number 8

Apple just released the eighth beta version of MacOS Big Sur. This update, although with some delay according to the planned schedule, comes with all the news of the previous version, more improvements in performance and fixes of several errors.

Beta 8, final details

As is usual the Mac operating system is introduced a few weeks after the arrival of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. While the final versions of these systems have already seen the light of day and we are even testing versions 14.2 in beta, the development of macOS Big Sur continues its course.

At this point, in addition, we do not have big changes but correction of errors and small improvements in the new functions that Big Sur will bring. Hopefully, overall system stability, as well as some visuals, will improve on all supported computers. This version, number eight since we started with the first beta, brings us one step closer to the final version of which we currently have no date.

Let’s remember that, although we can install this version by following the steps that we exposed at the end of July, and although the Big Sur beta is one of the most stable that has been seen in time, still a development version containing bugs.

If we are already within the beta cycle, we will find the update in System Preferences as an OTA update. During the first hours, Apple servers can receive more demand than usual, so the waiting time can be lengthened. In SamaGame we are already updating our Macs and we will update the article if news appears.