The first Apple TV + trials are beginning to expire and users who have paid for the subscription have started to receive a refund of the amount spent due to a time extension in the trial of the service.

Apple TV + trial period is extended for 2019 users.

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In October, information arrived about the Apple TV + service, in which it was mentioned that there could be an extension in the trial period. Now this is a reality, as users are beginning to receive emails from Apple informing them that their trial period will be extended.

Information prior to this new news assumed that the Apple TV + trial period for users who made the purchase of an Apple device with the free service would have a new trial period date that would span until February, but now it is known that it will be only until January 2021 as can be seen in the following tweet.


– Dylan Taylor (@Dylaantaylor) November 15, 2020

The money will be refunded directly as credit available on Apple ID subscriber, which can be used to make purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store, in addition to other Apple services.

Advance Apple TV + payments will be returned to subscribers.

How do I validate the return?

Users who had purchased an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or iPod Touch on September 2019, had the opportunity to test Apple’s new streaming content service at no cost for a year.

Currently, this promotion is still valid, buying some of the same latest devices, but also added another of Apple’s services. Therefore, the new promotion offers 1 year of Apple TV + and 3 months of Apple Arcade.

In case you are one of the subscribers who are about to end their trial period, Apple will be announcing you automatically the new expiration date. Therefore, the subscriber will only have to wait for the mail to arrive and be able to view its new expiration date.

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