The official launch of iOS 13.7 occurred last week, with very interesting news regarding exposure notifications. What’s more, it is likely to be the last major update before the arrival of iOS 14.

And after a while, Apple always follows the same strategy, the previous versions can no longer be installed, and this is the case of iOS 13.6.1. Apple has stopped signing iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1 so it is already impossible to restore an iPhone to a version other than iOS 13.7.

This is a deliberate strategy by Apple so that your users are always on the latest version of the system. Something that is highly recommended since improvements are introduced and security errors are solved with each update.

It is true that it is not common to see users who want to install an old version of iOS, but if you are one of them, we are sorry to communicate that you will no longer be able to do it. Before each update finishes, Apple must give the Ok by means of a signature, and only versions higher than iOS 13.7 are signed.

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There is no going back, you can no longer install iOS 13.6.1

iOS 13.7 allows users enable exposure notifications directly from iPhone Settings, no need to download any app.

Once the exposure notifications are enabled, your iPhone will begin to monitor the environment with Bluetooth to record possible exposures, always following two rules: the health authorities are the ones that notify the positives and privacy is guaranteed.

Now all new iPhones or those that update will do so to iOS 13.7, so if you want to keep your version for some reason, do not update. The normal thing is that jailbreak users are the hardest hit with these types of decisions, although right now the only official version remains in iOS 13.5.

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