Despite its rather successful experience with the Pro Display XDR released at the end of 2019, Apple continues to fix bugs with its brand new Studio Display.

During its spring Keynote, Apple took advantage of the launch of its new Mac Studio to offer a high-end screen, the Studio Display. Unfortunately, several users have complained about bugs with the monitor speakers.

The Studio Display, a screen that is struggling to convince.

Sold at a price of 1,749 euros, the Apple screen is intended for particularly demanding users, but not for professionals. It is its predecessor, the Pro Display XDR, which fulfills this role, starting at 5,499 euros. The Studio Display ignores the Mini-LED panel, HDR technology, or even ProMotion which appeals to owners of the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

This new 27-inch 5K display, created to accompany the Mac Studio, features a 12-megapixel webcam. This camera, which embeds Center Stage, has already caused a lot of ink to flow because of its quality, which did not seem to be there. Apple has also had to deploy an update to correct this defect.

To listen to Apple, the package was put on the sound. “Six speakers. His cinema, ”says the brand. Four woofers for bass and two tweeters for midrange and treble. Packing three “studio-grade” microphones, the device seemed promising, but complaints were numerous enough for Apple to react…

Are the speakers cutting out? Apple has the solution

It is mainly on Twitter that the information circulated. Several Studio Display users have encountered the same issues. In some cases, after a few seconds of playback on the screen speakers, the sound cuts out on its own. In other situations, it starts accelerating on its own or distortions are heard.

Based on the number of complaints, it seems that these bugs are particularly prevalent. Apple has taken note of this and is offering a temporary solution. To solve this problem in the short term, you would have to unplug the screen and all the accessories connected to it, then wait about ten seconds before redoing the connections.

Apple still wanted to reassure its users: the bug would be software and not hardware. Which means it shouldn’t survive the next iOS update. In the meantime, you know what to do if you ever face the problem

Apple admits its Studio Display has sound issues

Bugs on a product at 1800 €, it’s a stain. Yet that’s what happens to Apple’s Studio Display. Unveiled at the start of 2022, this ultra-high-end monitor promised the best possible experience for working on two screens. 27-inch diagonal, 5K resolution, three microphones, six speakers… The brand has pulled out all the stops to try to convince professionals.

Unplug then plug back in

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of use, several users complained of problems with the sound part. Quite neat on paper, as our lab tests show, the screen’s audio output has some bugs. Whether on Twitter or on Apple’s official forums, Internet users share their complicated experiences with the Studio Display. Microphone that cuts off, cross-hatched audio output, too much distortion… Apple’s screen has a lot of teething problems.

Until then, the only way to solve the problem was to unplug and replug the screen and hope that the problem does not reappear too quickly. Apple is well aware of the problem and, good news, has a solution: just unplug the screen, wait 10 seconds, then plug the screen back in and hope the problem doesn’t reappear too quickly.

An update is coming

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of iOS that would fix the problem. Because yes, the screen runs under the same operating system as the iPhone. We can therefore hope that a new version of the software will automatically eliminate these small problems.

Apple acknowledges sound issues on the Studio Display

If the Studio Display’s rather mediocre webcam caused a lot of talk when it was released, it’s the turn of the screen’s speakers to be the center of attention. Several customers have indeed complained of problems with the microphones or during audio playback.

The problems encountered by users seem diverse: some simply have no sound, the microphone stops working, the sound is sometimes choppy… No fix is ​​available for the moment, but Apple still offers a solution temporary to solve the problem… at least for a while. This consists of unplugging the Studio Display and disconnecting all accessories and devices connected to the screen. All that remains is to wait ten seconds before reconnecting the slab.

This isn’t the first bad buzz that Apple’s latest screen has to suffer: many testers have complained about the very poor image quality offered by the integrated webcam. The Apple ended up correcting the situation with an update, which does not bring a dramatic change in quality.

As for the sound problems mentioned today, Apple explicitly indicates in its memo that it is not a hardware problem. Apple hints that a future firmware update may fix the issues. As a reminder, the Studio Display runs on a modified version of iOS and works thanks to an A13 chip (the same as in the iPhone 11).

Studio Display speaker issues recognized by Apple; not a hardware problem

A growing number of people have been reporting Studio Display speaker issues, and the good news is that it’s not a hardware issue. The bad news is that there is no fix available yet.

Apple has acknowledged the issue, and while the company doesn’t yet have a fix, the fact that it’s been identified as a software issue suggests that a future update will fix it…

Studio Display speaker issues

Most users experiencing the issue say that the audio plays for a while and then cuts out. Some of them report a “choppy” sound before it cuts out.

“For about a month, my Studio Display speakers have been failing. Every time I start playing music (or any other audio) it works for a few seconds then cuts out.

“The sound becomes jerky and eventually cuts out completely. Restarting the Mac doesn’t help. You literally have to restart the entire Studio display(s). This happens about every 5-6 weeks for me it seems.

“My Studio Display audio fails intermittently. The only way to get it working again is to unplug the screen overnight. This resets the display and temporarily fixes the problem. Until next time. »

Switching between MacBook speakers and Studio Display speakers confirms that the problem is with the display, as affected users say it only happens when playing through the monitor speakers.

A workaround is to restart the monitor, which one user notes isn’t as convenient as it could be.

After hours with Apple Support and trying all sorts of things to isolate the problem, it occurred to me that we had done EVERYTHING except restarting/restarting the screen itself. because it has no power button and no software control to restart it, the only way to do that is to unplug it from the power source, wait at least 1 full minute and turn it on reconnect. Of course, he immediately solved all the problems.

Developer Michael Tsai added a tongue-in-cheek comment.

We spent so long asking for a basic Retina 5K display, but never thought to specify that it should have a power button and a decent camera.

Third issue on Apple’s latest monitor

It is the third issue to reach the expensive display. The first was widespread complaints about poor webcam quality. Joanna Stern described it as an old Blackberry.

Apple’s camera consistently produced grainy, washed-out images. There were so many missing details in some shots that it reminded me of the camera on my old BlackBerry. On the positive side: no one could see my frizzy hair.

For confirmation, I again brought additional eyes. I recorded webcam footage on the Studio Display (12 megapixels), an iPhone 11 Pro (12 megapixels), a 14-inch MacBook Pro (2 megapixels), and the LG 5K monitor (2 megapixels). I shared frames with a group of colleagues, not saying which ones were from whom. The group was unanimous, ranking the Apple Studio Display webcam dead last. Naturally, the iPhone came out on top.

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