Apple to announce the first Mac ARM at the next WWDC

For several months, the arrival of Apple MacBook ARM processors. ARM processors have a different architecture from Intel, so a change in this regard shouldn’t be taken lightly, there’s a lot of work to be done before you make the leap, but it looks like Apple is already ready.

As reported BloombergApple will present its first Mac with its own processor at the next WWDC 2020 which will be held in almost two weeks. As usual, in this event for developers Apple presents all its new software, in this case we are waiting introduction to iOS 14, macOS 10.16 and watchOS 7. But it’s probably also a good time to announce a transition like this, which will require developers to somehow adapt their software to the new architecture.

Apple processors: from iPhone to Mac

The first one The 100% Apple designed processor was the A4 chip It came with the first generation iPad and iPhone 4. Since then, Apple has manufactured all the processors for its mobile devices, which have practically doubled their power year after year. Now is the time to take the next big step: the MacBook.

According to Mark Gurman, the new processors will be based on the same technology used in the iPhone and iPad chips designed by Apple. But, future Mac ARMs will continue to run the macOS operating system instead of iOS. Apple wants to showcase these innovations at WWDC 2020 so developers can prepare their apps for the new platform, the new Mac with ARM won’t arrive until 2021, and we understand that Apple will also unveil new tools that will ease this transition. for developers.

Apple reportedly carried out extensive testing of new Macs with ARM-based chips and was very proud as computers show significant improvements over versions with Intel processors. It seems that specifically in the performance of graphics and applications that use artificial intelligence, this is where other improvements have been found. Also, keep in mind that ARM processors are more efficient than Intel processors, which can mean thinner and lighter MacBooks, or with longer battery life.

Finally, Gurman reports that Apple is working on 3 ARM processors for Mac, at least one of them is based on the A14 processor that they will integrate the next iPhone 12. It is likely that this first processor will be included in a MacBook entry, and that the other two options will arrive in the future with more power.

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If this information is true, this would be the first time that Apple has integrated its own processors on Macs, which undoubtedly gives the company many advantages when planning the launch of its computers, since until now completely dependent on Intel. That way, Macs probably have a more similar update schedule to the iPhone or iPad, with an annual release.

Source: Techradar