The most observant users have noticed a recent update on Apple’s official site, which has nothing to do with the newly released Macs with the M1 chip, but specifically in its accessories section for it. Apple watch.

New Solo Loop band colors

From now on, the new straps released with the Apple Watch Series 6 Solo Loopas well as traditional bands will be available in three new colors.

As can be seen and purchased from now on, the new options include a new bright orange called Kumquat, a shade of blue called Nordic blue which resembles the new iPhone 12 Pro color and a dark purple named plum.

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Apple debuts more colorful bands for its watches

The new colors are now available for Solo Loop and Sport Band for 49 euros . Other Apple Watch bands, including the Braided Solo Loop, are still available in the same colors that were introduced last month with the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

The Solo Loop were introduced with the new generation of Apple Watch a few months ago. Unlike the other models, Apple proposed a single elastic piece with no buckles, clasps or overlapping parts, incredibly comfortable and easy to remove and put on.

These are specially treated with UV light to achieve a smooth and smooth finish. Furthermore, they are sweat resistant, suitable for swimming and take them almost everywhere.

Although normally, Apple updates its line of accessories during the different seasons of the yearThis time the kumquat and plum tones do not look exactly wintery, but perhaps Apple wants to get out of the traditional and add more color to the time.

Besides these changes, there have not been any other updates to other accessories such as the newly released MagSafe, but they may not take much longer to arrive.

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