The AirPods Max have undergone a very thorough test to check the autonomy of your battery. They were made by a design agency, as part of a promotion for its own charging stand for AirPods Max.

Apple has been very accurate when indicating the battery life of the AirPods Max

The result of all the situations in which you tested the battery of The AirPods Max has left Apple well, regarding its two main statements; On-ear hearing aids last “up to” 20 hours with ANC and spatial audio in use, and a charge of just five minutes is enough for 90 minutes of use.

Questions about the battery of the AirPods Max are resolved

As evidenced in the experiment shared by 9to5mac, it was observed battery drain time and how long it takes to charge from 0% to 1.5% of use .

“In our test, we used fully charged AirPods Max and played Apple Music’s Global Top 100 Playlist on an iPhone in a loop. We turned the volume up to 75% with active noise cancellation on. The AirPods Max lasted for about 22 hours, before they turned off and disconnected from the iPhone. “

The AirPods Max it took 1 hour to go from 100% to 99%. The rest of the discharge was more linear, but the same behavior was observed at the end, when it again took about 1 hour from the 1% battery until they were disconnected.

Apple also claims that if it runs out of power, charging the earbuds for just five minutes provides another 90 minutes of use. This statement also turned out to be very, very accurate.

“To prove Apple’s claim, we charged the completely exhausted AirPods Max for exactly 5 minutes. This gave us 1 hour and 39 minutes of listening time, playing the Global Top 100 on Apple Music at 75% volume with active noise cancellation on. “

The Smart Case makes no difference

The AirPods Max in the Smart Case

To conclude the test, the team showed that the Smart Case does not prevent battery drain.

“After 12 hours we saw a 5% drop in displayed battery life. We also let them rest for 12 hours inside the Smart Case and we also saw a 5% drop… »

Evidence shows that battery consumption is approximately 1% every 2.5 hoursSave for a few rare cases where users reported massive battery drain overnight, even going from 100% to 0% in some cases. However, Apple has not offered any statements in this regard.

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