The Beats Fit Pro Kim K edition will be available from August 16 at €229.95 on the Apple Store online, in three colors.

So there, it’s a very surprising partnership that has just signed Apple and its brand of audio devices Beats by Dr. Dre. To promote its range of “truly wireless” Beats Fit Pro headphones, Apple worked extensively with the famous American businesswoman and stylist, Kim Kardashian. From this partnership emerged three Beats Fit Pro fully stylized according to the wishes of the TV host.

Moon, Dune and Earth. Do not see there a language of the film Dune by Denis Villeneuve, but the three colors imagined by ‘Kim K’. According to the model, her desire to redesign the headphones was born when she bought some. “I wondered if it wouldn’t be cool if we found headphones that were colored or more neutral. When you wear something every day, you want products that blend. And I had never seen electronic devices, and mainly headphones, painted in neutral tones,” she explains in the Beats presentation video.

The star, who is renowned for wearing extravagant dresses and clothes, therefore surprises with very chic and discreet accessories, in colors close to brown, beige and caramel.

But don’t expect these Beats Fit Pro to be radically different from those currently on sale at Apple. Except for the three new colors, the headphones are similar in all respects. Apple’s H1 chip is back, as are Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio compatibility, Find My, Siri Requests and Adaptive EQ. Even the skin sensor, inspired by the AirPods 3, is there to pause the media when you remove the headphones.

As for availability, we will have to wait a few more days. Apple has already updated its website, but the Beats Fit Pro by “Kim K” will only be sold from August 16, at €229.95 (like the other models). Some physical stores and authorized resellers will have stock, but you will have to wait until the next day, August 17.

Kim Kardashian partners with Apple and unveils her new Beats Fit Pro!

Thus, the two stars have broke up after no less than 9 months of relationship. Which is not nothing all the same. But, their idyll is now well and truly over.

Much to the chagrin of their fans. Yes, because a few weeks ago, the lovers were talking about the future together. One thing is certain, this break does not leave Kim Kardashian indifferent. Quite the contrary.

But, faced with this rupture, there is one who is jubilant. This is indeed her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West. If the latter is having fun with the situation, Kim Kardashian does not have the heart to laugh.

Indeed, the star of the Web is at the lowest moral level. That said, she knows she can always count on the support of her family and friends.

In any case, North’s mother seems to have a way of her own to clear her mind. Just a few days after her breakup, she goes back to work.

Beats x Kim Kardashian, the partnership we didn’t necessarily expect

To everyone’s surprise, Beats has just announced its new partnership and it is not just any partnership since it is about Kim Kardashian all the same. As a reminder, Beats is Apple behind, and across the world, Beats remains a very strong brand in the world of mainstream music.

Also, the collection Beats x Kim will be available for sale from August 16 on the Apple site, which has created a dedicated page for the occasion, which shows the importance of this partnership for the Cupertino company. We can of course find the partnership in store from August 17th.

Simply put, the Beats x Kim collection is Kim Kardashian’s signature on the Beats Fit Pro. There are three new neutral colors: Moon (pale), Dunes (medium) and Earth (dark). If on the technological side, there are no differences with the standard model, these new colors have the advantage of better integrating with the styles of the users.

“I wanted to break away from the idea that you have to wear brightly colored headphones to stand out,” Kim Kardashian said. “This collaboration is unique because it offers the possibility of creating an understated or extremely assertive look, which corresponds to the Beats brand that encourages difference”.

Kim brought her trademark minimalist style to the first-ever collection created on the Beats Fit Pro, said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services. “We’re thrilled to bring Beats’ most innovative headphones in an all-new, beautiful color palette to music fans and fashion lovers. »

The Beats Fit Pro

For those who have not followed everything in the Beats universe, the Beats Fit Pro are obviously intended above all for rather sporty use. On the other hand, on the technology side, the Fit Pro are none other than AirPods Pro but with better sound and a design that will stay better in the ears of users. In all cases, we find the same function to operate as the AirPods Pro but also the same technologies such as spatial sound, tracking of the user’s head, active noise cancellation from Apple, the Apple H1 chip and Apple’s Transparency mode.

With an announced autonomy of 6 hours, the case offers up to three additional charges, all with active noise cancellation activated. The Beats Fit Pro also offers fast charging where 5 minutes of charging gives one hour of battery life. And icing on the cake, there’s USB-C and it’s Android compatible and there’s even an Android app to control it all.

Pricing and Availability

Count 229.95 euros on the Apple site on August 16, 2022 and from August 17, 2022 in limited quantities in certain Apple Stores such as the Champs-Elysées and at certain retailers such as Galeries Lafayettes.

Special edition for the Beats Fit Pro, signed… Kim Kardashian!

Decidedly, it is not tomorrow the day before that Beats intends to stop partnerships. After delighting us with a limited version of its Beats Fit Pro in the colors of the Jamaican flag, Apple has just launched three other models this time in collaboration with… Kim Kardashian, the famous American reality TV star.

Corresponding to the leaks published earlier, the colors of the new Beats Fit Pro (Earth, Moon and Dune) are close to those of natural landscapes, from beige to brown. The price is fixed at €229.95 and, good news if you like this design: this time it is easy to get the pair while residing in metropolitan France. Indeed, the product is available on the Apple Store online.

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