ARK: Survival Evolved, available August 8 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Linux and Mac

Studio wildcard, creators of the multi-million dollar bestselling dinosaur title ARK: Survival Evolved, together with the distribution partner Solutions 2 GO Inc., today announced that this revolutionary survival adventure game is in the final stages of production and is now ready to launch in stores and digitally worldwide on August 8, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 from Sony and PC, Mac and Linux. The game is now available for advance reservation in the chain stores attached to the promotion, as well as a limited Collector’s Edition, with exclusive physical items.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, ARK: Survival Evolved takes up the survival genre with a unique mix of new multiplayer cooperation and competition. Players wake up helpless and hungry on the beach of a mysterious island alongside a group of other confused humans. In ARK, users must hunt, harvest, build, research technology, and develop shelters to protect themselves from scorching days, freezing nights, changing weather conditions, wildlife hazards, and potential enemies. Tame, train, ride and raise one of 100 fascinating dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, including gigantic creatures on a scale never before seen in video games. Fly with a squad of Pteranodons over snowy mountain peaks, race through dense jungles with your trained Velociraptors, march through a fortified enemy base alongside a convoy of gigantic Brontosaurs, or chase your prey on the back of a furious T -Rex.

ARK: Survival Evolved Physical Store Release Details

Across Europe there are three ways to get your dose of dinosaurs with ARK: Survival EvolvedAll of them are now available with the early booking campaign for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4, XB1- € 69.99, PC- € 59.99 RRP)

This base set includes everything a prosperous Jurassic adventurer needs to get started in the world of ARK. It is the main game and all free content released to date, with hundreds of hours of play time for users.

ARK: Survival Evolved – Explorer’s Edition (PS4, XB1- € 109.99, PC- € 99.99 RRP)

Explorer’s Editon includes the base game and adds even MORE content – incorporating a Season Pass that guarantees access to all expansion packs, starting with Scorched Earth (available now) and including more packs to be released later this year and in 2018.

ARK: Survival Evolved – Limited Collector’s Edition

ARK fans’ dream, including a wood-effect Collector’s Chest containing the base game, Season Pass with 3 expansion packs, Crafted Leather Explorer Diary, Official ARK Necklace, ARK Island Cloth Map , a poster of the development team and the official soundtrack of the game, which fans can get for PS4 and XB1 € 179.99 (RRP).