The best releases of the week and the biggest discounts in online stores.

Hi, I’m playing with you and you’re reading the regular « What to play this week » column. In this edition:

  • turn-based strategy Gear Tactics try to be different Xcom and she’s doing great;
  • gamers who became relentless due to a lack of indie project attacked by cyberpunk Cloudpunk – and they suddenly liked it;
  • Snow racer – and the developers from St. Petersburg who created the Russian off-road simulator and released the American off-road simulator;
  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Another developer from St. Petersburg who decided to make Darkest Dungeon on the contrary, we play as a villain and scare the heroes;
  • Sakura Wars – Reboot of the classic Japanese RPG, action on giant robots and a date simulator in a bottle;
  • and finally retro beat them Streets of Rage 4 – as retro as it gets!

Gear tactics

Developer : Splash Damage, The Coalition

Publisher : Xbox Game Studios

Platforms : PC, Xbox One

Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy game that doesn’t try to look like the others. The battlefield is not divided into trust cells, you can go anywhere. There is also no economic and development base. And in the gameplay we expect real meat, known to all fans of the series. There is the mechanics of executions: after the bloody end of the enemy, the whole detachment gets an additional action point – this motivates a more aggressive playstyle. By the way, for each movement, hunters have three points at a time, which also adds great dynamism.

But the main difference between the game and the competition is a strong focus on the plot. The quality cutscenes are almost inferior to what we’ve seen on the series license plates, so the game is considered a real blockbuster accidentally stuck in some niche genre. And more details on Gears Tactics, we’ll tell you soon in our full review – waiting for it recently.


Developer : Ion Lands

Publisher : Maple Whispering Limited

Platforms : Pc

Tired of waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 ? Just for you, independent studio Ion Lands brought the adventure out of Cloudpunk history – there’s a massive night city, neon lights, and a rich atmosphere straight from Gibson’s works. The game takes place at night and the main character is an ordinary courier named Rania, who delivers parcels to residents of the metropolis. She finds herself in a whirlwind of strange events, where she will meet different city dwellers from different social backgrounds. And the decisions Rania makes can change their fate forever.

In the very first days after its release, the novelty sold tens of thousands of copies and received a rating of 77 on Metacritic. However, we warn you: there is no action, no cool missions, and the plot is exploited exclusively through dialogue. But if you are particularly interested in the atmosphere and the relaxing gameplay flying around the city at night, this project might be a real find for you.

Snow runner

Developer : Saber Interactive

Publisher : Focus Home Interactive

Platforms : PC, Xbox One, PS4

A series of Russian off-road simulators is once again changing their name. At first it was called Spintires , but the author, Pavel Zagrebelny, argued with the publisher and went to the Saber interactive studio . Then the series began to be called Mudrunner . However, the main audience were foreign players who weren’t very interested in riding Soviet equipment in our taiga spaces. Therefore, we meet a new incarnation of the project: now it is called SnowRunner and it is mainly aimed at American players.

At first glance, it looks like the developers only added a new map and a lot of western gear, but they haven’t. All major SnowRunner changes – under the updated engine hood. The size of the venue has quadrupled, with more detail and a wider field of vision. Fully updated vegetation, weather system, as well as snow and ice simulations. Added support for ultra-fine textures. Now, some screenshots in the game can really be mistaken for a photo. Overall, from an entertaining indie project, the series gradually turns into a serious niche blockbuster.

Iratus: Lord of the dead

Developer : Not frozen

Publisher : Daedalic Entertainment

Platforms : PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

And another project from Russian developers: Studio Unfrozen Release of the tactical turn-based role-playing game Iratus: Lord of the Dead. During Early Access it became very successful: over 100,000 copies, 86% of positive reviews have already been sold. Many people compare the project to the Darkest Dungeon cult, on the contrary: we control a necromancer who gathers an army of corpses of defeated enemies. Added to that is the ability to frighten or scare mortals – and many other fun times. And while the game took inspiration from Darkest Dungeon, it’s quite different. Some reviewers like it, while others seem like a downside – but everyone agrees that this project was a big success for a small team in St. Petersburg.

Sakura Wars

Developer : Sega

Publisher : Sega

Platforms : PS4

The Sakura Wars series has been around since 1996, but if this is your first time hearing the name, consider yourself lucky. This week the developers have staged a series of reboots so that you can get started from the start without worrying about the previous parts. The Sakura Wars update can’t be described in one word: it’s role-playing and action, even a date simulator! You take on the role of captain of a giant robot battle team working under the control of beautiful girls – usually a quintessentially Japanese game. Dubbing is also only in Japanese; for other languages ​​only subtitles are available and there is no Russian yet. But that never stopped true fans of Japanese culture, did it?

Streets of Rage 4

Developer : Guard Crash Games, LizardCube

Publisher : Dotemu

Platforms : PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Retro fans should watch out for the release of the Streets of Rage 4 bit-em up – a continuation of the legendary Japanese street fighting series. And while the game is no longer made by Sega this time around, the developers who licensed it have been very careful with the legacy of cult classics. Minimal changes: for example, new hits have appeared and also added the ability to beat enemies with their heads against the wall. The rest of the game is in front of us, as if it flew straight out of the 1990s. And to more easily immerse yourself in the atmosphere, you can unlock music and heroes from the original trilogy. In general, ten out of ten nostalgic attacks are definitely for you.


The next step is another part of the freebies: in the Steam service issuance strategy before May 1 Total War: Shogun 2 . And in the Epic Games store since April 30, they ‘ve been spreading the horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent and fun game Crashlands – This is an unusual mix of role-playing action and survival simulator.

Now let’s see what great discounts are this week.

Steam has a big sale on the XCOM series. It is very advantageous to take sets: for example Unknown Enemy 2012 with all the additions gives 340 rubles. And real foodies can pick up a collection of five original games from the 90s percent rubles. Another good compilation is the recent editions of the editors. Daedalic: For 1,118 rubles you get six games, including a great two-dimensional action horror Barotrauma and the aforementioned Russian project on the necromancer Iratusa. And five Daedalic missions, including landfill , you can only get 74 rubles. Networking is also popular. Mordhau – It fell by a third and costs 345 rubles.

In the Gog service This week, sale of strategies and games on the theme of the Second World War. There are discounts for the entire Brothers in Arms series – She said they’ll be filming a series by the way, so it’s time to start with some spoilers. The final part of the trilogy, H**l’s Highway , will cost 150 rubles, the rest will cost almost half the price. Imperator Strategy : Rome cheaper by 33% and costs less than 500 rubles. Nice, but long forgotten Empires: Dawn of the Modern World has dropped to 130 rubles. And the first and second parts of Lightning War give almost free: 39 rubles per game.

To the Sony online store new discounts have not yet been issued, but the sale of discs with discounts of up to 25% will take place until May 10 in retail chains in Russia and Ukraine . These are basically Sony exclusives, but there are several games from third-party studios. The promotion includes the stores « 1C Interest », « Eldorado », « Mr. Video « , » Republic of Games « , » Citylink « , » Technopark « ,,, Wildberries and » Gamepark « . And in Sony Store and DNS, you get a 40% discount if you buy two games at the same time.

At the Xbox One store finally brought new discounts on blockbusters. Some games in the Homework series reduced by 70%: for example Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare now costs less than $ 20. There is a big discount on Metal Gear Solid V: only $ 12 for a full edition. Also participates in the sale of a Rise Up Dead – Part 4 series can be purchased in two, for $ 30. And for 25 you can grab the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition .

On Nintendo Switch there is still a dearth of discounts, but there are still some great offers. Release of Just Adventure Sunless Sea with Zubmariner addition temporarily sold for 1200 rubles – this is 80% of the total price. Where the whole questline dropped in price Syberia : for example, the second part with a 96% discount costs 130 rubles. Horror Near the Sun reduced by 40% – now it will cost you 1125 rubles. And if you’re haunted by Steam’s nostalgia with its crazy discounts, buy it Flashback – remastered from the ’90s hit. It costs just 69 rubles.

That’s all for today. The more observant of you must have noticed that this version was not on schedule. The answer is simple: we will now try to release “What to play” in the middle of the week. Previously, many of the discounts described in the text stopped working with the arrival of the weekend, but now they are relevant for a few more days. In the comments, write what you think of the schedule change and what else you would like to see in this section. And until next week!

Source: Game Informer