Articles | What to play + the best discounts of the week. Minecraft Dungeons, The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, Maneater, Mafia 2 and Saints Row 3 Remasters

The best releases of the week and the biggest discounts in online stores.

After weeks of coma, the gaming industry is once again showing signs of life! This week we are:

  • kill square monsters in an adventure Minecraft dungeons;
  • return to Skyrim with a plot addition The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor;
  • improve environment by eating people in shark simulator Maneater;
  • and finally complain about a bad remaster Mafia IIwhile admiring a great remaster Saints Row: the third.

Minecraft dungeons

Developer: Mojang

Editor: Xbox Game Studios

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

The slides are generally too hardcore for casual gamers – and they’re a big part of the Minecraft audience. Apparently the manufacturers Minecraft dungeons decided to solve this problem. The game doesn’t have a lot of things familiar to fans of the genre: here you don’t have to build builds, take care of damage spikes, bosses, and unique farmers. You can just go ahead, kill monsters, and collect tons of loot. And even the toughest critics agree it’s pretty fun. So why was the average project score at the time of publication was only 73 out of 100 points?

Simply because Minecraft Dungeons is a good game, but a really bad toboggan girl. The story campaign only lasts seven to ten hours, after which there is nothing left to do in the dungeons. There is no endgame content, no challenge, no incentive to gravel. For normal action, that would be the norm: it went through the plot and is free. But the slides aren’t played for the plot at all, but because of the challenge, which is why the requirements here are completely different. However, it is worth giving a discount on the fact that they plan to further develop the project. I have to admit that some representatives of the genre that were popular in the beginning didn’t look any better …

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Developer: Zenimax Online Studios

Editor: Bethesda Softworks

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

The MMO crisis has meant that new big projects are almost never released, but the old ones are feeling pretty good and are continuing to develop. This week came the awesome Greymoor add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online RPG. The plot of the plot is standard: the world is under attack by an ancient and mysterious evil. He looks hostile, does not make contact, so you must not understand with words, but with fists.

A new location will appear in the game – Skyrim Western, but don’t look for old friends there, as the action takes place a thousand years before the events of the Fifth Scrolls. In addition, there is also a lot of new content, updating the vampirism system and other interesting details… But for Russian-speaking players, the main innovation is the long-awaited localization. Certainly speechless and only for the PC version, but thanks for that. Note that the console version has not yet been released – the release will not take place until June 9.


Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Editor: Tripwire Interactive

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

action Maneater in theory it could have been GTA on the cannibalistic shark: she also swims freely around the world, performs tasks, fights with people and inhabitants of the sea. Sounds cool! But there’s a catch: a shark can’t drive, shoot, rob banks, or participate in an exciting story. In fact, she can only do two things: eat or not eat. In fact, all the gameplay consists of these elements. It’s funny at first, but it quickly gets boring (excuse the pun).

The first half of the plot was particularly monotonous. In the second part, when your cannibal has access to deep water, it becomes a lot more fun. Players are introduced to cooler places, serious opponents appear… But overall, that doesn’t solve the problem – and some pretty low ratings are proof of that. However, that doesn’t mean the game is bad; it can be fun, but don’t go by blockbuster standards.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Developer: Hangar 13, D3T

Editor: 2K

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

When the first rumors of the Mafia II remaster surfaced, gamers were hoping that the studio would not only improve the graphics, but also add cut content, make a normal ending… special effects and animation. If you’ve suddenly seen a nuclear explosion on the horizon in the middle of a rainy night – fear not, it’s just a mild bug with lightning.

The rest of the remaster does the trick: the new lighting system and light textures make the game look great even on large screens with ultra-high resolution. But we still recommend waiting for fixes – we hope they don’t carry over. Also, I want the developers to not only fix the bugs, but also return Nvidia’s advanced physics and particle system that was missing in the settings. Although they can only be activated manually, you can browse the game files.

Saints Row: The Third – Remastered

Developer: Volition, Sperasoft

Editor: Deep silver

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

But in the case of Saints Row: The Third remaster, we have no complaints at all. There are a lot of positive changes here: for example, more details about the environment – there are a lot more objects in the world, from furniture to passers-by and cars. Fully wrapped textures, lighting system and special effects. Added support for modern chips like HDR and new anti-aliasing methods. Otherwise, we still have the same Saints Row, only in beautiful new packaging that reveals all the possibilities of modern iron.

That’s not to say Part 3 mostly needed a remaster (unlike Saints Row 1 and 2, which were much older), but we have to admit that the developers did their job perfectly. The updated version of the game is a real example, which should be equal to all other developers. And it’s especially nice that the Russian studio helped make the remaster Sperasoft: New character models, equipment and weapons have been created there.


What could be better than new games? Only old free games. In the shop Epic games end of distribution Civilization VI – then (if you believe the same leak that predicted the spread of « tsiva ») will appear Borderlands 2 and Pre-suite. In addition, you can play for free until June 1 on the most expensive exclusive PC – a space simulator Featured Citizen. And finally on the site Explain it hand out a simple but sticky airport manager simulator The airport craze.

Now let’s see what great discounts are this week!

In the service Steam – big sales of car simulators: for example all parts Flatout give for only 120 rubles. The cult series Truck simulator from the studio SCS software comes with discounts of up to 75%. If you are a beginner, take them straight away with sets – so much more profitable: bundle Euro Truck Simulator 2 with basic additions costs 470 rubles. However, there are games from other genres. Nobody looks Has dropped twice to 1000 rubles. For 420 you can loathe Call of cthulhu Version 2018. A Russian survival simulator The next day: survival Now it costs only 39 rubles.

In the service Gog Another thematic sale has started: this time it is dedicated to colorful games with cartoon design. As expected, the full edition of the platform turned out to be at the top Ori and the Blind Forest for 220 rubles. The second place was taken by the famous Spore from the creator of the series The sims, it comes with all the extras and costs 130 rubles. For 240 you can have a really nice stealth adventure Spirit of a story on the adventures of a minstrel mouse. And fans of old-school platforming games are urged to pay close attention to what came out that year. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair for 260 rubles – a game from some developers Pays de Donkey Kong.

In the shop Sony There are no new discounts, but that’s no reason to get excited. Soon the big “Time to Play” summer sale will begin: as part of this, retail chains will sell PlayStation consoles and accessories for them at greatly reduced prices. It is also worth waiting for discounts on records and games. In general, Sony begins to empty warehouses before the launch of a new generation – in Russia, the action will run from June 3 to 17.

But Microsoft The second week in a row pleases with great blockbuster discounts. 80% cheaper Crazy max and the full edition of the zombie action Dead island: Now they cost $ 4 and $ 6 respectively. For the same $ 6 you can buy Metal Gear Solid V. And for $ 5 you get a humorous promotion Saints row IV complete with addition. If your bags scratch $ 10, it’s worth asking the price of Dragon Age: Inquisition – It is also sold complete with all the add-ons.

On the Nintendo Switch for fifteen cents you can have a good horror Call of cthulhu – Yes, the one that costs 420 rubles on Steam. Do you want something more fun? Please: there is a 50% discount on the musical arcade Just Dance 2020: Now the game is given for 2000 rubles. Editor Capcom sells remasters of his old hits: Onimusha: warlords costs 700 and the first two parts The devil can cry – 840 rubles each. If the soul asks for something wild, but cheap, you can take the famous Polish horror for only 150 rubles Unbearable pain.

Source: Game Informer