Artifact – now you have half as many decks of cards to buy the game as before

It really seems that Valve has reduced the number of decks that come with the game without any information.

You can already play the Dota 2-based card game, Artifact, which when purchased, gives everyone a few decks of cards to put together their own deck. However, there are indications that Valve has secretly halved the amount of decks available to new players.

The latest update to Artifact has changed this and that in the game, and has made it a bit more on multiple tabs, but the developers have also made a change that hasn’t really hit a big drum. So far, every player has received 10 decks of cards when they bought the game for themselves, but the Steam page already reads that 5 such packs come with the purchase, so new ones now have to manage from fewer cards at first.

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  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Valve
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: Other, Strategy
  • Appearance: 11/28/2018

In the card game based on the universe of Dota 2, in the unique, complex playing field, we have to make significant strategic decisions in the first rounds in order to overcome our opponent.