Intrepid Studios released a new trailer for his upcoming MMORPG: Ashes of Creation.

The trailer shows one of the most peculiar and interesting places that we will visit in the game. We can see how amazing its bright greenery and exotic monstersIt is a game with great graphic quality and an art direction to take into account for future awards.

For those who do not know the game, it was financed by a campaign in Kickstarter, what raised a whopping $ 3,271,809 with more than 19,576 sponsors. The team only asked for $ 750,000, thus quadrupled that amount, unlocking all the objectives set before and during the campaign.

Ashes of Creation is set in a fantasy open world, has a “Node system” that will make it possible to change everything in the video game by the interaction of the users. The nodes have areas of influence capable of becoming entire cities, depending on their level, through the actions of the player.

You can see the trailer below:

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