Asphalt Nitro, let’s hit the track with our Android – review

On the screens of our smartphones, new video games are arriving with increasing frequency, often offered completely free but which in the end turn out to be full to the point of bursting with micro transactions of various types. Nothing wrong with all this, at least until this sales model is exasperated to make the purchase of more content practically mandatory.

Asphalt Nitro, produced by the guys at Gameloft, leaves this model behind and goes back to basics by providing a clear and defined price for its purchase. Once in our possession we immediately have in our hands a complete title in every aspect that does not require any further outlay.

Another feature, very popular lately, is the high amount of data that must be installed on our devices to make every game work properly. It is not uncommon to be offered extremely large downloads, hundreds and hundreds of megabytes that in some cases exceed the gigabyte threshold and at the end of the installation often cannot even be moved to SD cards.

The start is one of the best times to overtake.

In this context Gameloft has surpassed itself managing to propose an installation file of only 15 MB which includes everything Asphalt Nitro needs. Do not be fooled by such small dimensions, we are facing a game full of contents that have nothing to envy to the competition or to the previous chapters of the series. It seems almost unbelievable, how is it possible that in so few megabytes there is everything?

The extreme compactness of the data that must be downloaded during the installation phase has been achieved thanks to an extreme technical development and an optimization that until now seemed unattainable, considering what is proposed to us by other software houses. Simplifying a lot, the initial 15 MB contains all the instructions and assets that are strictly essential to allow the game to build everything else gradually, when we need it.

The space occupied will therefore increase over time but after the various days we have spent to intensively try the various modes offered by Asphalt Nitro, the game has come to occupy only 150 MB and it is difficult to go very far from this. threshold. An exceptional achievement that we hope many more developers will follow in the future, for sure our mobile data connections would be extremely grateful to them.

As in any self-respecting good game, we have the usual dose of feats to complete.

When Asphalt Nitro is started for the first time, the main screen is immediately shown where all the links to the different modes available are present. As soon as we try to throw ourselves into the fray, a pop up appears inviting us to complete a short tutorial where, in a few seconds, the controls of our car and how to perform some stunts are highlighted. If you refuse to start the tutorial at that first moment, as I have experienced directly, be prepared to have to wander for several minutes looking for the option dedicated to its launch.

Here a first non-positive element of this title emerges, namely the limited immediacy of the interface that can easily confuse during the first game sessions. The tutorial is in fact exclusively dedicated to driving our car and no initial clarification is offered on the various customization options of the cars and only a fleeting reference to which game mode we should dedicate ourselves to at the beginning. We are left on our own to explore the wide selection of menus and options, with no brief explanation of what the game has to offer.

Quick Race, Multiplayer and Career are the three main modes which are flanked by multiplayer events available for a limited number of hours or days. Career is the natural starting point where we can really practice with the controls and the different types of challenges available. The proposed challenges are many and varied, all correlated by various bonus objectives that allow you to reach an interesting level of difficulty right from the start.

Without a Ferrari we cannot feel at home, in Asphalt Nitro we can use LaFerrari.

There are eight different types of races: Classic, Elimination, Expulsion, 1 on 1, Slalom, Infection, Guards and finally Thieves. The classic races involve a competition against four other opponents and the winner is the one who arrives first at the finish line without rules or particular surrounding elements. Elimination begins to make everything more peppery by providing for the gradual elimination of whoever is in last position, the driver who remains in the race until the end wins. Expulsion is also a timed event where we have the task of eliminating more cars than the opponent to win.

In Slalom there are a series of doors on the track, the goal is to cross them all in drift within a certain time limit, there are no other opponents. Each door successfully crossed gives us a certain amount of points, once we reach a certain overall threshold we get the victory. Once we get carried away with drifting it becomes extremely fun, a successful mode that must be promoted with flying colors.

Where, on the other hand, not everything works properly is in Guards, when we impersonate the police and we launch ourselves in pursuit of the opponents with the aim of eliminating them all. Our prey will be equipped with a vital bar that we can drop using an unprecedented weapon, EMP charges. In theory, the premises are good, driving a police car with loud sirens is already very fun in itself, too bad that the use of EMPs is a bit cumbersome and not really successful. A wasted opportunity and a type of competition that could have been implemented much better.

There are ten different cars available in the game, grouped into five different categories. It starts with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, passing through the Chevrolet Corvette C7, the Lamborghini Veneno, the McLaren P1 and the fabulous Ferrari LaFerrari, just to name a few. The visual rendering of each model is good and we can customize the color as well as enhance the performance characteristics, investing the credits that we can get by competing in the various races. Overall, ten cars are few but the developers have been careful to include specific missions for each car in the career mode, in order to push us to want to get the secondary models too.

There are seven tracks, each available in normal and reverse version. They are equipped with ramps which, if used properly, allow us to carry out twists and other stunts required in the bonus objectives of the various races. The settings are quite varied and it is not immediate to be able to memorize the path to obtain high-level times and results, which is why they work well.

The knowledge of the path is especially necessary in multiplayer games, where we are compared with other players in the flesh. In these clashes all the participants have cars of the same category, this allows for fun competitions where it is possible to play until the last corner. The real challenge of the game lies right here and the experience accumulated in the other modes and your overall ability to drive the cars play an important role.

Asphalt Nitro is a good title that at the current price of € 1.99 offers wide and varied content for every fan of the genre. Some problems remain, starting from a not very immediate interface that is never adequately introduced to the player, to get to the limited number of cars present and the not exciting races in which we impersonate a police car. The last obstacle is the distribution of the game: Gameloft has decided not to rely in any way on the Google Play Store and to use its Gameloft Store, a decidedly impractical choice that forces those interested in the title to work harder than they should.