The first Assassin’s Creed is almost thirteen years old.


  • Charles Randall – one of the developers responsible for the first Assassin’s Creed – revealed that there were no side activities in the initial version of the game;
  • content of this type was added in five days because … the child of the company’s president played the production and found it boring;
  • the author of the anecdote has already withdrawn his words. He noted that he didn’t really know if the changes were made because of the baby – that’s a rumor he’d heard.
  • Charles Randall – former AI designer for the combat system in Ubisoft, and at the same time one of the creators responsible for the first part of the Assassin’s Creed series – told on Twitter where the side activities in the title came from. As it turns out, they were added only because … the production was played by the child of the company’s president.

    “The boss’s kid” – words that frighten developers

    Ok, if you’ve played the original Assassin’s Creed in the past, you know that there were missions with objectives (to kill – ed.) And there were also a lot of side activities.

    What if I told you that the side activities did not exist in the first version given?

    We were ready to release the game, the reception of the first version was pretty good and then …


    The CEO’s kid played the game and said it was boring and had nothing to do, describes Charles Randall.

    The developer mentions that the news hit the band like a bolt from the blue – just as everyone was sure they’d finished, it suddenly turned out that they still had a lot to do.

    Well, my boss comes to me and says, “We need to add some side activities to the game. We have a plan from Patrice, but I won’t agree if you don’t get into it.

    I told him to give me some time to think, then turned up the volume of the music and took a nap at my desk.

    Oh yeah, I forgot the key part. He said “we have to put all these side missions in the game within five days and they must be error free because this version will be burned directly to CD and will go to retail.”

    Five days of hard work

    Randall describes how a team of 5-6 faced a thankless task over the next few days. In the end, the goal was achieved, although in one case the bug was not avoided – it meant that sometimes it was impossible to “max out” the productionbecause as a result of the glitch one of the Templars “fell out” of the world. It is true that the game considered him dead, but did not give this credit to the player.

    This way me and … 4 or 5 other people ended up in the main conference building of the complex in Montreal, which is normally only accessible with a special card. And only we had access, no one else could enter. We had all our computers moved there.

    The rest of the memories merge into one, but I know it went super well because we did. We managed to do it all in 5 days.

    And that was bug-free … almost.

    If any of you poor fellow ever tried to score the full 1000 player points in Assassin’s Creed, then you know that there is one bug that sometimes causes you to not be able to complete all Templar kills and you have to restart the game to try again.

    It turns out that one of the Templars has been assigned to the wrong sector. If you approached it from the wrong direction, it would hit the floor and disappeared. As a result, the game did not give you any credit for the kill, even though he was considered dead in save. He couldn’t show up anymore, recalls Charles Randall.

    So yeah, if you had to play AC several times to get the maximum score, I’m sorry. But I literally don’t remember what happened in those five days.

    I do know it’s a miracle the game didn’t melt your consoles or something.

    (Oh yes, this bug with two killers showing up when two controllers were plugged in is probably my fault. You don’t have to thank) we read.

    Or maybe no kid was there?

    In subsequent statements on Twitter after the first media publications, Charles Randall explains that he does not really know if the reason for the changes was the handing over of the game to the president’s child. This is just a rumor that may have originated from the words of a frustrated employee.

    Probably that also needs to be added, now that people with questionable reading skills are writing articles:

    I don’t really know if the reason we did it was because of the baby, I only know what I was told. This could have been a comment about frustration, we read.

    The developer also emphasizes that the things added to the game were needed and made it better. Moreover, the first AC is one of the easiest – and least crunch-laden – projects in his career.

    Addendum: Many people seem to be going in the wrong direction.

    1.What we added to the game was good and necessary;

    2. all persons in the room voluntarily participated in the entire process;

    3. AC1 remains the simplest game I have ever released, with the least amount of OT (Over Time).

    Interestingly, the quality of the content (not just side activities) was one of the most heavily criticized features of the first Assassin’s Creed – reviewers often complained that the tasks were very repetitive and gave the impression of being created using a copy-paste method. Charles Randall’s memoirs shed some light on how the game was developed and where its weaknesses may have originated. I wonder what impression the original version of AC would make on players.

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