Assassin’s Creed inventor Patrice Desilets brings out his new game in 2019

The new game about the evolution of mankind from Assassin’s Creed inventor Patrice Desilets will be released next year.

It has long been known that Desilets works on Ancestors: A Humankind Odyssey. Only when the somewhat pleasantly smelling old Peter Molyneux title was published was still a secret.

Desilets has been working on the project for a while with his 30-strong studio Panache Digital.

There was new footage at the Game Awards when Desilets showed four excerpts from different evolutionary phases that are millions of years apart.

You can see the video below. Get ready to escape hungry reptiles as a monkey-like creature, hunt something to eat for your offspring or face a big cat in the savannah.

In any case, an unusual and interesting project for that reason alone.

Specifically, the platforms were not discussed at the Game Awards, which is why one can assume a multi-release. We will keep you up to date