Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Unlock the Adrasteia ship and all improvements

As soon as you turn your back on your home island Kephallenia, leave yourselves Assassin’s Creed Odyssey your own Ship: the Adrasteia. You should get used to this nutshell now rather than right away, as you will be sailing across the wide, open sea on this boat for several hours. It is your only way to get to other islands and explore all the secrets that ancient Greece held in store for you.

The basic functions are very simple. As soon as you stand on the command deck, you can command your crew as captain. With Viereck / X you extend the sails and at a relaxed but efficient cruising speed over the water. The camera zooms out a bit, your crew hurls a few shanties, and you can essentially sit back and relax as you near your goal. Alternatively, you can use X / A to let your rowers take over. Although these have an enormous speed, they can only maintain this speed for a few seconds. This ancient turbo is therefore more suitable for sea battles.

If you whip your rowers too hard, they’ll run out of breath very quickly.

And you will experience some of these. You can choose between four types of attack:

  • Volleys of arrows
    For this you have to approach the enemy ship and aim with R2 / RT. If you now press L2 / LT, your team shoots a number of arrows from all pipes in the direction of the fine.
  • Javelin throws
    To do this, too, you have to get closer to the enemy frigate. Press or hold R2 / RT to have your crew hurl spears at the enemy.
  • Braziers
    These incendiary projectiles cause damage over a long period of time. With L2 / LT + R1 / RB you fire incendiary arrows, with R1 / RB you fire incendiary spears.
  • Ram
    Hold down holder X / A for maximum speed and ram your opponent into the port or starboard side.

You yourself can take cover from enemy attacks by holding down the L1 / LB button and thus reduce the damage suffered a little.

You also have the option of accepting maritime assignments at the central mast of your ship at any time in order to earn additional materials, experience points and drachmas, which you can then invest in various improvements to the Adrasteia. If your cutter is still comparatively well equipped for all eventualities at the beginning of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the level of difficulty increases rapidly with increasing game time. If you do not make continuous improvements to your ship, you will soon literally no longer see any land. Below we explain the four different areas of the Adrastreia that you can upgrade.

Here you can improve your ship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the Adrastreia.

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Appearance of the ship, figurehead and crew

Admittedly, these purely cosmetic changes may not give you any concrete advantages on the high seas. However, they are also the only ones for whom it is not clear how you will get them. While all other improvements can be unlocked with enough materials and change, you have to stretch a little more for this.

Unlock more ship designs:

Look quality Activation condition
bull epic Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Northern Ionian Sea
octopus Rare Complete employee recruitment side mission on Keos
Minotaur legendary In the underwater cave south of Macedonia between the peninsulas
Black sails Rare Defeat the Alpha Ship between northern Macedonia and the west of the Thracian Sea
Hydra Rare Defeat the Alpha Ship in the North Aegean Sea
Wolf god unusual In the lagoon in the northeast of Argolida
Red emblem Rare Defeat the Alpha Ship in the north of the Myrtoic Sea
Stars emblem Rare Shipwreck of Dionysus in the southwest of Naxos
Hydra emblem Rare Defeat the Alpha Ship in the northern part of the Western Icarian Sea
Cerberus legendary In Pavlopetri southwest in Laconia
flower Rare Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Eastern Thracian Sea
Axe epic Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Western Myrtoic Sea
typhoon epic Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Northern Sea of ​​Karpathos
Medusa epic Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Eastern Mediterranean
snakes unusual In the northwest on Lesbos
cube epic Alpha ship in the Gulf of Macedon
Gorgons legendary Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Central Mediterranean
bird legendary Defeat the Alpha Ship in the Southern Ionian Sea
Pegasus Rare In the north of Messara
chimera Rare Smuggler shipwreck in the south of Euboia

Unlock more figureheads:

figurehead quality Activation condition
lion unusual Alekto shipwreck in the south of the Helikon Mountains (Boitotien)
Eagle usually Poseidon’s anger
snakes unusual Shipwreck of Nestor in the south of Messenia
Minotaur legendary Kill the Minotaur
Pegasus Rare Olympic shipwreck to the west of Ellis
Octopus Rare Attila’s shipwreck
Sphynx Rare Complete the Sphynx Quest
Medusa legendary Kill Medusa

You will stare at your ship for many hours. It should be a sight that appeals to you, right?

Unlock more team designs:

team quality Activation condition
Spartans Rare Shipwreck near Salamis Island in the southwest of Attica
Elite Spartans epic Ameinocles’ Triere prototype in the north of Corinth
Athenians Rare Sunken harbor of Phaleron in the west of the sandy bay of Phaleron (Attica)
Bandits (male) unusual Sunken wreck of Datis near Delos
Bandits (female) unusual Sunken wreck of Datis near Delos
Cult of the cosmos (male) epic Amphitrite Palace northeast of Thera
Cult of the cosmos (female) epic Amphitrite Palace northeast of Thera
Cultists epic Kill Hydra
Ares’ pendant (male) Rare Dorion’s underwater cave south of Messenia and Laconia
Ares’ pendant (female) Rare Dorion’s underwater cave south of Messenia and Laconia
Daughters of Artemis legendary Complete the Daughters of Artemis Hunt
Gladiators legendary Complete the final arena test
Persian unusual Persian remains north of Lokris
Barbarians Rare Underwater cave east of Attica
Olympic athletes (male) epic Win the Olympics
Olympic athletes (female) epic Olympic athletes
Singer’s bat epic Killing cultist singer

Recruit special boatmen for the Adrasteia

As part of the main mission “Equal Opportunities at Work” you will be introduced to the somewhat unusual recruitment mechanics of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. For this you are not allowed to kill an opponent, but only to beat them unconscious. The easiest way to do this is to put your current weapon in your inventory and fight with your bare fists. If the respective adversary finally staggered to the ground seeing a star, all you have to do is press L3 to convince him to join your crew.

While regular 08/15 opponents do not bring any special bonuses on board, there are some so-called “special boat people” that you can assign in the corresponding tab of the ship menu. This will give the Adrasteia a passive bonus. You can get such members for example in special side missions (like “Team wanted”). But if possible, you should also beat any stronger opponent unconscious and recruit them via L3. All extraordinary enemies such as leaders or polemarchs are particularly good additions to your crew. The stronger and more unique an enemy, the more useful skills they usually bring on board your ship. Therefore, if possible, you should also recruit every mercenary.

Improve volleys of arrows, javelins, fire bowls, arrows, ramspurs and javelins

In these menu items of the ship rider you improve your various offensive abilities of your ship. For this you need a lot of materials and resources as well as a fair amount of drachmas. Just as you regularly improve the equipment on your body, you should also give your Adrasteia a few fresh upgrades at certain intervals. Remember: you basically need the ship all the time to reach new areas and areas. But if you don’t continuously upgrade the nutshell, you’ll soon really have to avoid every enemy ship – and that doesn’t exactly make traveling any more pleasant.

Without a good offensive, you can quickly find yourself lost in sea combat.

In this way you upgrade the hull, the stamina of the rowers and the armor of the crew

The same applies to the defensive properties of your boat. If you have a weak hull, enemy ships can quickly ram you into a sad wreck. If, on the other hand, your rowers run out of breath after a few strokes, you will have problems with ramming attacks as well as with quick evasive maneuvers that are absolutely essential at sea. So don’t waste all of your raw materials for the Adrasteia offensive, but plan some of them for your defense.

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