ASUS also comes with a mini gamer keyboard

The latest fashion seems to be to erase everything from the keyboard that we don’t use while playing. This way, it also fits in the small bag.

We just wrote about the Razer Huntsman Mini that keyboards in which the compact, mobile design overwrites (oops, but striking!) The original function of the devices are pretty slowly becoming popular. It means that they have a lot of keys on them, which not only can be used to write, but also a ton of other functions at the touch of a button.

But what if the receiver often goes together to configure his configuration for e-sports matches or LAN parties? Then you don’t necessarily need a row of function keys or a numeric island, or even Insert-Home and other extras. Have the letters and numbers, and the basic control buttons, the others don’t matter anyway, but you don’t have to hang a skateboard sheet out of your bag.

ASUS has also brought out a similarly deburred little thing now, under the name of the Republic Of Gamers sub-brand. Let’s say it would be weird for such a keyboard on a business machine, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that the ROG Falchion follows the current smallest 65% design, which contains 68 buttons, and the extra buttons in the 104-button TKL layout can be pre-lined by pressing the keys together with a secondary function key.

The Falchion is completely minimalist in appearance as well, with almost no side hanging from the “engine room” on the keys. Basically, the little things come with Cherry MX, and of course the buttons also got customizable RGB backlighting. On the left, however, there’s a little more interesting, an interactive touch bar that can also be customized – making it easy to adjust the machine’s volume, brightness, or scroll the display, for example.

The Falchion is a wireless instance in which the manufacturer says a “player-level” wireless solution works, whatever that means. In any case, it plays football with data at a frequency of 2.5 GHz and guarantees a response time of 1 millisecond. It takes 400 hours to fully charge, but of course that means turning off RGB. It’s a bit nice to have a hard carrying case, but it doesn’t have an official price yet and you don’t even know exactly when it can be ordered.