Welcome to Super Power Unlimited, the section that lists the most geeky film and series news for you every week. Today we take a closer look at the Avengers: Endgame trailer, there’s a lot of news about Spider-Man: Far From Home and the shooting of Joker has been completed.

This week in Super Power Unlimited we have a brief breakdown of the Avengers: Endgame trailer, provide an initial description of the story in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and get to see the final set photos of Joker. Get ready to go geeky!

Avengers: Endgame trailer has been dropped, time for a quick analysis!

After a period of Avengers cluster on the internet, he finally dropped last Friday: the trailer for the fourth Avengers movie. Contrary to what the Russo brothers previously claimed (‘Endgame is not the name’), Avengers 4 is now officially called Endgame and after seeing the first trailer it immediately became clear that we have reached a dark page in Phase 3 of the MCU.

After the battles on Titan in Infinity War, Tony Stark is stranded in space and the remaining Avengers are licking their wounds on Earth. For the first time since the collapse of SHIELD, a major villain has (probably) done irreparable damage in the MCU. Thanos collected all the infinity stones and wiped out half of the universe, leaving heroes like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange gone.

Some shots from the trailer made the PU editors very enthusiastic, including that of the armor of Thanos. This is a wonderful reference to the last part of the Infinity Gauntlet comic series, in which Thanos almost literally hangs his battle outfit in this way. The man is retired, that is clear from this picture.

Also the camera footage from Scott Lang at the end of the trailer look interesting. Steve Rogers asks Natasha whether they see old archive images here, a question that the PU editors also ask themselves. Take a look at the top left corner of the image above. There it seems 1983 to stand. The last time we saw Scott as Ant-Man, he was trapped in the Quantum Realm. Hank, Janet and Hope were monitoring Scott from Earth when they were unlucky enough to be snatched away by Thanos, leaving Scott alone, floating in the Quantum Realm.

What the PU editors are now wondering: Could Scott have traveled through time? Hank warned Scott to watch out for time vortexes before he was sent into the Quantum Realm, so Ant-Man may have traveled back in time via the Quantum Realm to reach the Avengers. Why he went all the way back to the eighties poses the following question, but we don’t have an answer to that question yet… The shot makes the assumption of undoing the ‘snap’ by means of time travel a lot more credible.

Lots of Spider-Man: Far From Home news!

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was shown at Comic Con Xperience (CCXP) 2018 in Brazil. Attendees during the event dropped a description on the internet, which you can read below:

So it looks like Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), the master of illusion, is going to pretend to be a superhero before being exposed by Spider-Man (Tom Holland). This theory was more or less confirmed on CCPX18 by Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal themselves, during a special Spider-Man: Far From Home panel:


– marilia @ ccxp (@brieourguest) December 8, 2018

So the Far From Home story seems to be a lot more original than you might think. According to Tom Holland, Spidey and Mysterio (AKA the hero ‘Mystyius’) team up to fight the Elementals. We thought Mysterio would be the main bad guy from the start, but it doesn’t seem to be. Tom Holland further described the relationship between Peter and Quentin Beck, which he labeled as ‘Brothers in Arms’. What will the dynamic between hero and villain be like? We are very curious.

Finally, we now also have a clear look at the Spider-Man suit that Nick Fury will give to Peter Parker. As you may already notice, Marvel has taken some inspiration from Spider-Man’s Noir suit in the comics:

Spider-Man: Far From Home will run in Dutch cinemas from July 4, 2019.

Gotham City needs Batman in new Gotham Season 5 trailer

The fifth season of Gotham is about to start and of course the trailers just keep on coming. The trailer below appeared last weekend and shows that Gotham City really needs Batman. Bruce Wayne can be seen briefly in action, but a Batman suit is still missing. Will the young Caped Crusader be seen as Batman at all? Judging by the amount of villains in the trailer, he can’t put on his costume fast enough!

Joker shoots are complete, last set photos shared

The filming of major superhero films usually takes place in secret with the occasional leak of set images, but with Joker the opposite seems to be the case. In recent weeks, you have been able to watch the production of the villain story around Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), who develops into the crazy criminal The Joker. Since the first image of Phoenix in clown makeup, you regularly saw photos or videos in Super Power Unlimited, but today we really have to show the last set photos. The recordings are already over!

The big work, the post-production, starts now and will turn the shot scenes into the movie that you will see in the cinemas next year. These photos lack any kind of context, but it would still be dope if the gentlemen of the montage could turn Arthur Fleck into the Joker in one still shot. The further he goes down, the further he degenerates into the madness of the Joker. Can you picture it already?

Joker will run in Dutch cinemas from October 3, 2019.

DC is making a Plastic Man movie

DC is working on a film about Plastic Man, a comedy action film about Patrick O’Brian, a criminal who has improved his life. During his time as a member of a gang of bad boys, he is present at a robbery that goes completely wrong. Patrick is shot and his body is – of course – mixed with some kind of chemical substance. He wakes up with a fairly unusual superpower: his body can take on the most weird shapes and can be stretched almost infinitely. Eventually Patrick goes to work for the police and so he uses his powers for the good.

Plastic Man does not yet have a director, but it does have a writer: Amanda Idoki, who is quite inexperienced when it comes to film scripts. Her only other feature film is called Breaking News in Yuba County and is currently in pre-production, so it doesn’t even technically exist yet.

We’ve already had comic heroes on the Marvel side with Ant-Man, which has proven quite successful, and as far as DC is concerned, Shazam also gets a comic treatment. A film also appeared about Marvel character Howard The Duck in 1986, but the quality of that film is debatable. In any case, he was nice and self-aware!

It is not yet known when the elastic DC good bag can be viewed.

That was it again, this week’s Super Power Unlimited. The video version will appear below in which the above news and other topics about Captain Marvel and the MCU are discussed. For now cheers and see you next Super PU!

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