Avoid hoaxes about COVID-19: WHO enables a WhatsApp chat to answer questions

At a time when all the issues that impact society are disseminated through digital media and social networks without much control, technology companies have decided to review and propose guidelines for decrease the growth of fake content, especially in the current scenario where the premise is the fight against COVID-19.

Thus, the highest authority to issue confirmed information on this situation, the World Health Organization, in coordination with a technological team have created a WhatsApp channel to answer the most frequent doubts of the population about the coronavirus.

WHO enables a WhatsApp chat to answer questions about COVID-19

The channel that was first available in English and two weeks later in Spanish and other languages is served by WHO bots, in order to keep informed with data in real time. It also has an anitbulos section to filter unconfirmed news.

To join this channel, of which the WHO also requests dissemination, we must follow a series of simple steps:

1.Add the number +41 22 501 76 90 or join from a direct link.

2. Write “Hello.” once the WhatsApp channel of the World Health Organization is opened.

3.Choose from one of the following options offered by the bot, according to our need:

  • Latest figures
  • How to protect yourself
  • Frequent questions
  • Rumors
  • Travel tips
  • News
  • Share
  • Donate
  • Change language

This messaging service, available for now in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, is expected to have the potential to reach 2 billion people and at the same time allow the WHO provide information directly to people who need it.

This initiative is in addition to the technological deployment made by the WHO, to keep the population alert about the consequences and important information about the coronavirus. Last week the organization announced the launch of its app for “WHO MyHealth”With advice on COVID-19.