Back to school with a smile thanks to the new Indie Royale bundle

Now that the college students have also moved back to the auditoriums and classrooms, it was time for a new Indie Bundle, they thought at Indie Royale. And so we can buy the brand new Back to School Bundle for less than five euros. You can of course give as much as you want, and if you pay more than 6.21 euros you get the album BIAS from minusbaby on top of the seven indie titles that all buyers get from.

Those seven titles are:

  • Swords and Soldiers: a two-dimensional strategy title where the goal is to burn down the enemy’s castle at the end of a long line of opponents. Play as the Vikings, the Chinese or the Aztecs and, if necessary, enlist the help of one of the gods of your people to clear up the battlefield. Includes Super Sausage Fest DLC unless you are running Linux.
  • Lunar Flight: have you ever played the classic Lunar Lander? Then you know what to expect in this game, but in 3D and with beautiful graphics, numerous different missions and an extremely realistic physics engine. Time trials and leaderboards complete the experience.
  • Bunny must Die !: the wonderful retro atmosphere could not clash harder with the absurd action that this game offers you. As a rabbit woman who has bred cat ears through a curse puzzle, shoot and fight your way through numerous levels to finish the nine bosses. You do this with the necessary upgrades, unlockables, but above all with super-fast finger and mouse work.
  • Sequence: what do you get when you throw Dance Dance Revolution and an old school RPG of your choice into the blender? That’s right, this game. In a ten-hour single player, you traverse a mysterious tower where you have to place your enemies to measure.
  • Flying Red Barrel: get into your little red plane and shoot and dodge yourself through a colorful bullet h**l. This game deliberately doesn’t want to try anything new, but just tries to be fun. That is also allowed sometime, right? Unfortunately, barrel rolls are not in the game.
  • Qlione; Another 2D shooter where you can take on half a million bullets. In this game they have forgotten about the graphics. They then replaced them with vectors, which gives the game a great atmosphere and ultimately benefits the graphical spectacle. Don’t expect barrel rolls here either.
  • Cute Things Dying Violently: A mix between Super Meat Boy and Lemmings in which you have to avoid the title of the game. Guide the fluff balls one by one through sixty levels without letting them come to a gruesome end as a red stain on the wall. Sometimes, however, sacrifices have to be made so that the rest can reach the end door. Bloody, sometimes extremely difficult, but always fun. Includes soundtrack.

You still have a little more than five days to purchase this fun package for a minimum of just over four euros. You can do that here, here or here. Do these games mean nothing to you or do you already have them? Don’t worry, because in two weeks there will be the Oktoberfest Bundle!

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