‘Baller ToDo’ is a free task manager that invites us to organize them according to “impact” and “urgency”

Today there are so many task management tools and services that we could become somewhat unproductive if we try to find the one that best suits what we need.

‘Baller ToDo’ is a free service, which bet on a different method when it comes to organizing our tasks: avoid the lists and organize them according to their “impact” and “urgency”.

“The lists hide what is important”

Ankur Agarwal is the developer behind this project, and ensures that was inspired by two time management matrices (Covey matrix and Eisenhower matrix) to bring Baller to life ALL.

Agarwal states that “traditional lists hide what is important” and that their product “gives you an easy-to-consume view.” He adds that with Baller ToDO “you can quickly calculate important tasks and also update their importance in relation to others.”

As we can verify, when entering this web we will find two axes, a vertical one (which measures the “impact” of that task) and a horizontal one (which measures the “urgency” of it).

“Visualize your day, focus on the important things and repeat.”

By clicking on any point, a window will appear to add a new ToDo. We will see that a light blue circle will appear, indicating that new task, which we can move and drag to any place.

The task with the highest score will appear in yellow, and so we can know at a glance which is the most important or urgent of all that we have pending.

If we hover over The name of the task will appear, as well as a score that indicates the priority or importance of the ToDo. If we click on the task, we can edit the name, delete it or mark it finished.

On the right side we will find our organized ToDo’s by: “high impact and high urgency”, “high impact and low urgency”, “low impact and high urgency” and low impact and low urgency. In addition, those that we have already completed are also displayed.

It is a different and interesting way of keeping our tasks at bay and knowing at all times what we should attack first and what they can expect at the moment. In addition, it is a tool that is in the initial phase, and it is sure that in the coming months it will be polishing details of its operation.